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Quirky humor.

Crashing issues when opening the game in a Mac computer.

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If you aren’t yet familiar with Otome Gaming it is a video game that is targeted towards the female market, where one of the main goals is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male or occasionally female characters.

The genre is mainly established in Japan, and is made up of visual novels and simulation games such as dating Sims. Signed X is a humorous visual novel game that brings to life a romantic comedy that is sort of a love triangle.

Signed X3

You can download it for free and it’s all in English and other languages are available as well. The story is about a beautiful heroine Marty, who is a manga fanatic that wants to fall in love like they do in the shoujo mangas (comic strips for little girls). One morning she notices this guy named Matt leaving a bouquet of flowers on her desk with a confession of his love for her, and by the way the guys in this game are pretty hot!

Attempting to get his attention and have a romantic encounter, Marty drags her friend Warren into doing all sorts of crazy things to get them together. What she doesn’t notice is that her best friend Warren just may have a crush on her as well.

Signed X 1

The game has 4 different scenarios that you can choose from and the plot thickens every time. The stories are humorous and the graphics are great.

If you love a good romantic comedy you are going to love playing this short game. Each scenario gives its own unique spin on the outcome. The quirky humor and the awesome graphics make it an exciting and wonderful game to engage in. If you haven’t already tried it out you are in for a treat.

Signed X11

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Signed X is a great game that will keep you in suspense as you go through each scenario. The plot is engaging and the graphics are definitely some that you don’t want to miss out on. If you love a romantic comedy and enjoy shoujo mangos then you are in for a real treat.

This game is sure to have you wanting more as you play around with 6 pathetic attempts at romance. The game is available for download straight to your PC. Get ready to laugh as you dive into the exciting world of Signed X.

Signed X is free to play.

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