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Do you like trying on new clothes, new shoes, and being in style? Then you are going to love the game “Shtyle”! In this fun, stylish and creative game, you get to start out by creating your own avatar. You get to choose from many different tops, pants, shoes, accessories, and different hair styles.

You also get to create your own background which allows you to choose from many different types of rooms, whether you want a “shtylish” room with lots of furniture, or a gym room full of exercise equipment, or a classroom, etc. There are lots of nice furniture to choose from, and tons of decor you get to choose to decorate your room with.


Another feature that Shtyle has to offer is that, you can make tons of new friends. When you add new friends, you can start doing more with the game. You can send each other gifts, which will help you earn coins. There are several ways that you can get coins. You can purchase them, which is very easy to do. Or you can complete tasks such as, watching a short video to earn a few extra coins, and when you share the video, and your friends watch it, that also earns you coins.

This is a game in which you can be yourself. You can express your style, and you can express the way you feel. When you choose your avatar, which is called “Shtylie”, you can choose from different expressions on your shtylie’s face.


Whether it be happy, sad, angry, etc. You also have the option of posting your own picture on your profile. Its best to do so, so that other people see who they are friends with.

Making new friends on Shtyle is very easy. You can choose from hundreds of people, and just click on the (Add Friend), and wait for them to accept your request. You can also view the profile of other people, look at their photos, their updates, and their friends list. You will need a VIP pass to do more, and you can purchase a VIP membership that gives you several options to pay, and different prices to how many months you want to purchase your VIP membership for.


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Shtyle makes it easy for you to chat with other people, and allows you to move to the top of the list so that other people can notice you, so that they will want to request to be friends with you. There is lots to do on this fun game, and you will want to play for hours. Creating and decorating your own place is loads of fun on this awesome game of Shtyle.

This game also allows you to find friends within a certain amount of miles between you and them, or if you want to talk to people from all over the world! You can also choose the age range that you prefer, and the gender. So give Shtyle a try, you are sure to love it!

Shtyle is free to play.

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