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Quite different from other MMORPGs that are based on swords and sorcery, Salem is one that is based on crafting. You will play the role of a pilgrim in a much darker version of the New World. You can settle your own plot land, become a member of the community, or explore.

Despite its orientation towards crafting, the world in this game can be rather dark and gloomy. You will travel in the rather dark world, acquire different skills, make objects and structure from items found in your natural surroundings, and get to the point where you will have your own piece of land.

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There is some combat in the game but success in the game relies mostly on what you create and your skills. There is even the ever looming possibility of death. The decisions you make in the game have a heavy weight on your fate.

At the start of the game, you are taught the basics of gameplay and are presented with the opportunity to customize your character’s appearance. Then, you will be place into Boston, the only pre-made area in the game. Then, you are taken to your own homestead where you will have to start from scratch to build a life for yourself.

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Each of the homesteads is based around one of the four seasons. After you’ve settled, you must begin to create things made from the items you find in the wilderness. This is necessary for survival. There are four gages of survival for your character, Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile, and Black Bile. The tasks you do increase and decrease these gages so it’s important to keep an eye on them.

Another aspect of the game is studying. When you get items like wood, plants or insects you will be able to study them. By doing this, you gain proficiencies, of which there are fifteen. You can use points for skills like Foraging and Colonial Tradesmanship.

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By getting new skills your character will become more intelligent and be able to build new tools and structures, which is important for developing your homestead. Crafting is another thing you can do in the game. You simply gather items needed to craft other items click them in place and the character will build them. The basis of the game revolves around obtaining items for building and crafting. It is also possible to encounter a world build by another player through open world PVP. It is also possible to permanently die in the game, meaning that once your character is gone, it will be gone for good. There is also the option to do criminal acts, such as steal from other players.

The game is free to play, but there are features that can be paid for. But you don’t have to pay to progress in the game, and it is much more rewarding to avoid doing so. This game is a fun and challenging game that is engaging at the same time. It is one of the few MMOs that can fully immerse you into the game play. For a unique gaming experience, this game is fully recommended.

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