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Castle building games have become just as popular as farm building games. Royal Story brings you another world of royalty where your goal is to create a gorgeous kingdom. By using the tools available to you, you will bring together a kingdom unlike any other. You will add in the features and the appearance that you want. You will make it your own. With the social features available, you can continue doing this for longer with the help of your friends. It is a lot like most other castle building games. It simply does everything you want it to do in a high quality manner and with beautiful results.

There is not much of a story in Royal Story. For people looking for deep, rich stories, this is not going to give you what you want. The story here is as basic as the stories in most other castle building games. If you have played these types of games in the past, you should know exactly what to expect in terms of story. You have your prince or princess. You have your kingdom. You have your objective. That is about it, really. You begin building your royal kingdom because you want a kingdom.

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Where Royal Story shines is in the gameplay. You have a lot to do when building your kingdom. There are nearly endless structures to build and you can place as many as your land allows. Along with structures, you can place beautifying items. You can make your kingdom look stunning with the many items that you can buy.

With some cash, you can then decorate your land with beautiful plants and items. Most items are available for in-game money, though there are some that requires rubies or humble hearts, which can be obtained by helping out on your friends’ farms. You can also expand your land once you’ve increased your castle value via building royal buildings and have reached the required level.

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Of course, a kingdom has to do more than look good, and it is not as if you have infinite coins. You will have to earn a living here. Doing this actually takes only a little bit of effort, but a lot of time. You put down things like crops and, when they are ready, you take what they make and sell. You earn coins by doing this. You will have to clear and prepare the land, and keep watch over everything, but the effort you put in is not that much.

To do all of this, you need energy and time. You use energy for every task that you complete. You need time to complete these tasks. You will have to wait to make progress because of this. If you do not want to wait, you can also use rubies to refill energy or complete the task immediately. Rubies do cost real money, though.

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There is a social aspect of Royal Story. You are not running around with friends, but you are relying on them for energy and gifts. As you rely on them, they also rely on you. You have the same give and take system that you have in similar games.

Quests are throughout Royal Story. While there is nothing special to them, they do add a new layer to the game. You have the chance to earn and do more thanks them.

In most respects, Royal Story is your average castle building game. What makes it good is its high quality, beautiful build.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Royal Story on YouTube.

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