Reign of Blood

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It has a roleplay-friendly atmosphere.

The game is hard to pick up at first as finding the tutorials is a challenge.

PC, Mac, Linux

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Become a creature of the night in Reign of Blood, the vampire roleplaying game. In this game, you take on the role of being a vampire and participate in the fight for survival in a treacherous world filled with other vampires. You must train and fight to become the most powerful and wealthy vampire.

This is a world unlike you have ever experienced before. The story begins with your character waking up in a city in which they are unfamiliar of their surroundings. Your character has no memory of their past and must go forth into Death City to meet their fate. Death City is a world in a post-war anarchist state. It is up to you to find out about your past and how to Death City is in the state it is currently in.

Reign of Blood3

To get stronger, you can train at the gym or search for items and treasures in the sewers. You can also go into the underground to do quests. By purchasing weapons and armour, you can increase your chance of winning in battles. You can engage in battles, power up your characters or by equipping items, explore the city and go on quests.

There’s lots of things to do. The Battle Arena is the place to go for ranking up. You can search for other players by clicking the attack button to attack a random player, or by visiting their profile. Continue to attack other players to get stronger and be more superior.

Reign of Blood8

There will be times in which you lose, but that is fine. By continuing to do battle, you can gain more experience, which will result in increasing your level and strength. When you win, you can take your opponent’s money and even score an item. However, when you lose a battle, you will lose money as well.

It is important to keep your character equipped with the best items so you can win battles. You can purchase weapons, win them in quests or in battles, and find them as well. Other items can be bought using real money, but it isn’t necessary to use any real money to advance in the game. The game has a live community so at any point in time you will have someone to battle. You can visit other players’ profiles to see their stats before battling them.

Reign of Blood2

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A player with higher stats and better equipment will win against you in battle, so check the player’s profile before battling them. With this game, you will be constantly encouraged to play. Since it is live all the time, your character can be attacked at any time.

You can check back periodically to attack other players who have attacked you, or to just do some quick quests to earn experience. The story line is interesting and will keep you engaged as well.  A new spin on the classic RPG is presented in this game. Both fans of vampires and RPGs will find this be an exciting and engaging game.

Reign of Blood is free to play.

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