Rainbow Saga

2 chibi anime characters and a bunch of Occult Apples and Krama Tanuk.
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Cute animations.

Character customization is limited.


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

What Is Rainbow Saga:

Developed by Ngames, Rainbow Saga is a casual free to play MMORPG game that is definitely worth your time. This game offers interaction with other players, the very best high-end graphics, absolutely the cutest characters on earth and hours of great fun.


You can enter contests, claim really awesome gifts, have a wonderful newbie guide, tips and tricks to get you on your way and special holiday events. Halloween was awesome! I wonder what is in store for Christmas?

The Story:

You are in this magical, beautiful land of Troonmill whose magic protects everyone from evil. Unfortunately, the evil Devil Lord has destroyed the capital City of Order and all their special warriors could not stop him.

Seven artifacts stopped further destruction and he was vanquished from the land. Some evil was left behind and once more, Holy Knights are not able to stop his rising desire to destroy some more. The fate of Troomill is now solely in your hands! You must stop Devil Lord and save this enchanted place.


The Game:

When you first start the game, you will choose a class of character to carryout quests that include a Gothic Castle and Evil Gnome’s Cave. Worry not, unlike many MMORPG games, these places are a whole lot of fun, especially played with your friends. You are going to want to get into the Guild as soon as you can so you can meet other players and team up together to defeat evil.

The Characters:

The three available starting classes in Rainbow Saga include the Holy Knight, Elementalist, and Shadow Ranger. The Holy Knight is a high-defense melee brawler who can equip heavy armor and use swords and shields. Elementalists are long-range magic wielders with low defense but high damage potential. The Shadow Ranger is a medium-defense class that mixes ranged and melee combat.

The Holy Knights:

These heroes wield swords, shields and heavy armor. They are always on the front line of battle using their swords to protect their teammates. This character is an excellent choice for beginners or for casual play.


  • Shield Strike brings about damage to multiple enemies all at once.
  • Flame Wave damages enemies with fire, causing enemy weakness.
  • Divine Defense will reduce damage to themselves very quickly.


Front line leaders who protect everyone else.


Difficulty: 2

The Elementalist:

These characters are sorcerers and use staffs to summon up three very effective and destructive powers against enemies. They summon these powers from within themselves. Although their armor is not really good, considering its made out of quilted material, it doesn’t matter. They perform their spells from a distance and are not in harm’s way.


  • The Energy Wave brings about thunder and holy buffs which offer average damage to enemies.
  • Storms and Thunderbolts will damage your enemies quickly.
  • They also have Divine Arrows, Hypnosis, Chaos and Suppression to name just a few.
  • They are loaded with many magical skills.


Elementalists are key factors in battles and unbeatable against your biggest enemies.

Difficulty: 3

Shadow Rangers:

These guys use deadly darts to neutralize their enemies. They can unlock mysterious powers and inflict a great deal of damage. They wear leather armor and are gifted with enormous strength and cleverness.


  • They are powerful physical attackers
  • Thunder darts damage enemies and receive a single star
  • Eclipse causes damage to enemies and increase their own weapon’s ability
  • Starburst damages enemies and slows them down very quickly


For more screenshots, click here.


This character’s main attribute is cleverness and are all powerful.

Difficulty: 4

Summary of the Characters:

Again, the Holy Knights are strongly suggested for those of you who are new to this form of gaming. Elementalists and Shadow Rangers are more difficult to play but in time, you will have the skills to choose them.

Unlike some MMORPG games that take a great deal of training to accomplish quests, Rainbow Saga is more casual and loaded with humor. This is the perfect game for those who want to socialize with other players, have fun and less battlement.

The characters are absolutely cute, cute, cute! The graphics are awesome and the overall game encourages interaction with others while carryout missions. There are tons of things to do including the game’s chat room, joining up for special events, getting holiday specials and reading up on new upgrades or added goodies.

If you like casual MMORPG games, enjoy meeting other players, connecting with friends and spending hours of fun, you need to check this out!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Rainbow Saga on YouTube.

Rainbow Saga is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

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