Poptropica Friends

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They have pop quizzes to expand your personality page.

Closet and photo album can be acquired with membership.


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This is a social game where players meet new friends, join up with old friends and maintain a friends list. You can share costumes, see profiles of friends and utilize “Personality Pieces”. By answering quizzes, each day, you will get this great little feature.

As Poptropica Friends has a new face, there will be increased usability and various tweaks along the way. The friends feature is located on the top toolbar but limited to multiverse code. Insider info has confirmed that this will be replaced with a new avatar icon and many more features will be coming down the road.



poptropica friends12

You gain medallions as you go along within the game. Whether you have all the medallions or only a few, you can display them in Poptropica Friends.

You will also be able to show how many times you have finished the islands with Island Restart.


Even though you cannot really socialize with other Poptropicans, you can still stay in touch with them. Even Poptropican friends that are not your best friends can stay in touch using Recent Activity.

poptropica friends9

Adding friends is as easy as typing in their user name in the box. You might have a real life friend that is now on Poptropica. By exchanging usernames, you will become friends within the game.


While playing throughout the Islands, you might get a message “New Photo Added”. You have a photo gallery where more pictures are added while you are in the game. You will probably want to get the Island Restart  up and running. The creators of Poptropica has stated that there are approximately 4 photos per island.

poptropica friends1

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Members Only

For many years, you have been able to create great costumes and then store them within the program. Well, you now have “Costume Closet” where you can store up to 30 costumes all at once and then share with friends.

Summing Up

This is a great game for socializers and has been for some time now. With new updates and added features, this game is going to impress the most die-hard gamer. So come on over and  join in on the fun, you won’t even know where the time went!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Poptropica Friends on YouTube.

Poptropica Friends is free to play.

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