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Everyone likes to imagine God as a loving and caring being, but what if that were not true? What if God took joy out of bringing down pain to the lives of innocent people? In Pocket God, that is the truth and you are the God. You are going to be smiting and creating terrible lives for the little pygmies around you.

From the painful to the silly, there are numerous ways to kill your little villagers. With quite a bit of land to cover, you are going to be able to find someone, somewhere to smite. Since there many ways to do this, you will always be able to have fun and find new ways to hurt them.

Pocket God11

Slapping villagers with fish, freezing them by moving the earth away from the sun, and even having the local wildlife become unnaturally dangerous are just a few ways to take down your villagers. This game offers many, many ways to do this, and they are most fun when you are trying them out rather than seeing the tutorial.

While it helps, there is nothing better than turning on a switch and seeing what is possible for the first time and with your own villagers. You are experiencing it for yourself and you are seeing what is truly possible.

Pocket God12

Since you can make various things possible, not just doing things that will kill them automatically, you will be able to change the world. You will be able to give these villagers a life that is truly terrible and that destroys them, to the point that they want you to smite them. This will allow you the opportunity to get a bit evil and to see what you can do. Experiment with the various settings and create a world that will make your little villagers weep in sorrow.

Yes, yes, that all seems terrible, but it is not as horrible as it seems. Think of older cartoons, like Looney Toons, and you have the animation of Pocket God. It is comical and it is supposed to make you giggle while laughing maniacally to yourself. You might look and feel a bit silly, but that is really the point.

Pocket God7

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You are a cruel, silly God and you are going to destroy their tiny lives. If you were wondering, there is no other option. Besides just letting them live, there is no choice for love in this game. You are raining down terror and that is the way everyone, you, likes it.

Most people view this type of game as simple. It is, but the developers have created a way to make sure that it does not become boring. Rather than sticking you with the same game forever, you have updates. These updates are not just bug fixes, either. These add more to the game as it goes on, giving you more ways to play. This helps you to always find something new and interesting in game so that it stays fresh. It can do this since the game does not have a lot to it, making constant updates a simple task.

If you are interested in playing, the game only costs 99 cents. You will be able to begin smiting and ruling in no time.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Pocket God on YouTube.

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