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All across the gaming world, you can find many breeding games. Whether it be with dragons, cats, cows, robots, or even plants, there are breeding games to be bought and played. But there is one game that features pets that is sure to be a fun treat for you!

Pet Stories is one of those breeding games that has many fun features under its belt. What makes this PetStories so special is that you not only breed but there are a bunch of other things to do as well. Collecting, evolving, breeding, baking, decorating, expanding and creating are just some of the many things you can do.


It seems like human nature to want to collect things. In PetStories, you collect pets. It sounds self-explanatory until you realize that each pet has its own personality and traits that makes it more unique than the one before. There are many pets for you to play with and collect.

Once you get them, you can evolve them through stages of their life. They may start small and cute but can then grow to be massive and ferocious creatures. Do you want to create new pets from ones you already have?


You can now breed them and create your very own, personal hybrid pets! These pets will have different abilities and attributes from both parents that make them totally unique. After breeding these pets, why not bake them some food? Feeding your pets is essential to making sure they are healthy enough to grow and evolve!

As you can see, everything you can do in PetStories contributes to the growth and well-being of your pet. It is up to you to raise it as far and amazing as you want.


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Other than your pet, you can take care of your village as well. You can decorate it with magical buildings and structures that do many different things. You can expand to places close to you to make your village even bigger than it was before. You then can clean up the land and continue to let your village grow and prosper.

The world is literally at your fingertips! You are only limited by your imagination. PetStories makes it very easy and fun to want to explore the land around you and really see what you can discover. It is up to you to inhabit the land with your many pets and let them grow to have a bustling, fun city that your pets will learn to love and enjoy!

PetStories is free to play.

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