Pet City

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You get rewards for virtually every in-game action.

Core gameplay is very similar to past titles like Pet Society.


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Love pets? How about a game that is centered around them? Exciting, isn’t it? This is why you will definitely love Pet City. It is all about pets!

Here is your very own pet shop world and it is extremely cute. So cute, you will not want to exit even after hours. There are numerous pets to choose from in this game and there are four different environments too. Through mini-games you are supposed to take good care of your pets and even play around with them to have lots of fun.


The best part about this game is that it is highly rewarding. It will give you coins as well as experience when you care for your pet. Alongside, you will get many bonus items! Through the game, if you want to purchase toys, you can exchange a few items too. If you want, you can meet other avatars and spend time with them. This will give you more rewards. Light sabers and pogo sticks are just a couple of the rewards to look forward to.

The style of the game is very cute and attractive. It is consistent throughout, even in the in-app stores. You can choose to decorate your avatar and house however you wish based on your preferences, right from contemporary to girly pink.


Every day, you will have a shopping spree. This is exciting because you will have five minutes and two thousand coins at hand to buy whatever you want! The bigger items may cost more but you can always buy the smaller ones with these coins.

You are also supposed to cook food and feed your pets. In order to cook the food, you will need to buy the ingredients using your virtual currency. When you feed your pets you win rewards.


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The facts that it is cute, has numeorus decorative options, offers great sound and visual designs, and is highly rewarding make the game a must try for kids!

Pet City is free to play.

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