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Taking place in a world that is gorgeously-designed, Perfect World is a Fantasy MMORPG that is 3D and largely based on Chinese mythology. The game offers skill-based and level progression, in addition to a character creation system that is unbelievably innovative as it has near limitless options. Perfect World offers a great assortment of playable races and classes, and can be easily considered the most detailed fantasy MMORPG available.


In Perfect World you can create your own character by using the game’s very own innovative creation system for characters. You are given many choices when it comes to playable races and there are two unique types of classes available for each race, to make a total of eight classes that are playable. The three races are Winged Elves, Humans, and Tideborn. Perfect World is easily the most comprehensive free-to-play MMORPG currently available, especially when you consider how many races are available to play.

Character Classes

The game’s playable character classes are:

Archer: These characters have the ability to deal physical harm to enemies from a distance that is safe. This class has extraordinarily high accuracy rates and hit chances that are critical. On the downside these characters have low hit points and only limited capabilities in melee.

Assassin: This characters in this class are delicate, but very deadly. These characters deal large amount of damage to enemies in a short amount of time. They have among the highest of the damage per second, or DPS, statistics in Perfect World and have access to perform authoritative DoT attacks. On the downside Assassins have very low hit points and are very weak in terms of physical defense.

Barbarian: This character class not only excels at absorbing damage, but they also deal very powerful attacks. These characters can morph into tigers to boost their movement speeds, so they make great fighters for the front lines. Barbarians feature rather high hit points, powerful AOE skills, and high physical defense. On the downside this class features magical defenses that are week and accuracy rates that are low.

Blademaster: These are super dominant melee characters that have access to many skills which makes them one of Perfect World’s most varied character classes. Blademasters feature many stun skills and strong AOE attacks, but don’t look to them for magic defense as theirs is low; in addition, they are limited t single target outputs for damage.

Cleric: Clerics are great for their accommodating and healing skills which make them very valuable in group settings. These characters have access to strong healing spells and some of the most decent offensive magic. However, on the downside, Clerics are low in terms of PvP and does not deal as much damage to opponents as other classes.

Psychic: This class is considered Perfect World’s fascinating utility class because their spells focus on defbuffs, buffs, and hexes. These characters have access to little bits of offensive magic, but do not deal as much damage as wizards do.

Venomancer: This character class is unique as it features pet-taming capabilities. They have the ability to use debuffs and distasteful poison spells. Venomancers are easily the greatest class for soloing in the game thanks to their use of pets. However, as a negative this class has low hit points.

Wizard: This is the class that is Perfect World’s primary offensive spell casting characters. These characters deal the most damage in the game and have access to super powerful AoE spells. However, on the downside, wizards are slow to move and have very low hit points.

Mystic: A mystic is a hybrid mix of defensive and offensive magic users. These characters have access to some of the most potent direct damage spells and they can also heal through spells. These are great for summoning pets to fight alongside them.

Seeker: Seekers come from a strong melee class that wields a big two-handled blade. These characters can use several nature spells and are able to cast some offensive magic.

Character Races and Classes

Perfect World features three distinct races, each of which has two unique classes. This brings the choice for players to a total of six classes to choose. You will notice that there are unique characteristics for different races, and that each race starts in a new area of Pangu. If you purchase the Genesis expansion pack you will receive one new race and two other classes.

The races in Perfect World are:

Humans: Humans are the most popular race in the northern regions of Pangu, with the largest settlement being a city called Etherblade. Humans have no instinctive abilities, but can use magical weapons to fly. If you are a human you can either be a Wizard or a Blademaster.

Winged Elves: This race lives primarily in the southern areas of Pangu, with their main city being Plume. Winged elves are distinct as they have a small set of wings on their head, and all of these elves can fly from the very beginning. If you chose a winged elf you can be a Cleric or an Archer

Untamed Ones:This race is a hybrid of human and beast that resides in the western areas of Pangu. Untamed characters can turn into animals, and can begin to use flying beasts once they reach level 30. This race can be either Venomancers or Barbarians.

Earthguard:This race can choose between a Mystic and a Seeker.

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Territory Wars

When you are trying to take control of an area from another guild you are required to take part in battles up to 80 players vs. 80 players. Territory battles feature two guilds and two bases. When you wish to overtake an area, your guild needs to bid on the area, and the guild with the highest bid fights the current owners for ownership.

If you are trying to take control over land that was previously unowned, your guild must simply bid on the territory. If there are multiple bids on a plot of land, it will go to the guild with the highest bid. The winning guild will then be responsible for clearing the territory’s war map of monsters; this includes a boss on the other side of the base within 3 hours of purchase.


Perfect World’s mount system allows you to ride a pet mount as a means of quick transportation across the world. Common animals used as mounts are leopards, elephants, horses, raptors, and panthers.

Phone Lock

The phone lock system is a prevention system that will protect you from hackers. The phone lock when it is activated works to freeze the account until you dial in using the correct phone number that was registered on your account. Once your phone number has been verified, the account will be temporarily activated once again for login. You must login within 10 minutes of re-activating your account or the login will become frozen again.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Perfect World on YouTube.

Perfect World is free to play.

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