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This is one of the most entertaining Virtual Worlds for teens!

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Our World is a virtual world full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making remarks on other people’s outfits or create new friends. With Our World it has never been so easy to interact with other players from around the world.

As you see someone you wish to speak to, simply either talk aloud, whisper to them, invite them to be friends, or even email them through the in-game email system. That’s right – you get your very own email inbox that is private where you can receive and send messages with any other user. Additionally, this is where you will get your new challenges and other pertinent information about the game.



Like many other games of the genre, you begin by personalizing an avatar any way you wish. You then continue by decorating your own personal condo the way you want it to look. You will find that OurWorld’s housing system is very detailed and there are even hundreds of types of furniture that you can use to decorate your home. Since you have the ability to put each piece of furniture where you want it, you have the freedom to really make your virtual home your very own.

Right outside of your condo you will find a “Critter Garden” that you can use to raise animals to sell for future profit. All you have to do is buy eggs and put them in the nests. Eventually, the eggs will hatch and you can sell the critter that is born for money.


Mini Games

With Our World you are given access to over 50 games that range from standard pool, variations like 8-ball and 9-ball, to Bejeweled, or even shooters. Even if you can only make it through the first 20 stages in the puzzler game ‘Around the World’ that is based on  the super famous Phileas Fogg’s 80-day Journey, you can still move on to another game.

The Our World flash mini games help you fill your Flow meter at the bottom left side of your screen. Every time your meter fills up completely you will gain Flow points, which are actually credits. You can use the credits for the Bubbler and the Prize Wheel, which are both easy games. For these games you simply switch their Flow for coins, clothing, and experience. This game is fun in large part because their mini games are actually very high quality.


For more screenshots, click here.


While you are exchanging Flow for experience, you will also win other items such as coins and more. You can spend coins at the mall in the game, where you will find items like furniture for your condo, clothes, shoes, and much more.

In the store you will find “a sales lot” of  hundreds of different pants, shirts, and other accessories to pick  from. The best thing is that the items are purchased using coins from the game currency. If you don’t want to wait while you collect enough coins to buy some of the trendiest new clothes, you can use actual cash to buy the game’s premium currency known as “Diamonds”. While you are at Our World’s mall you will find different stores and an international-market, which is like an auction house where you will sell or buy items from other players.

Our World is a great place to hang out and meet new people to chat with. The game has so much content that you really miss out on a good game, if you are not one of the registered users.

Our World  is free to play. For more virtual avatar chat games, check out our Chat Games List.

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Ella Walker
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  • Häashia.ExE

    😀 It’s a good score. quite, the game is amazing, I have been a member since 14/4/11 and I am sweetly going through. Even though it’s hard to start because of the level restrictions and the premium items, it is an amazing game and I recommend it to everyone 😀
    Look me up I am HaashiaExE.

    • Sussy

      What premium items? When I play I just buy almost everything that’s rare with gems…

  • bob

    I don’t like it at all

  • boob

    hi 😛 😛

    • betsy

      hello :)

  • Jaguar101

    What ages is OurWorld recommend for?

    • gamer 3d

      13-16 years old.

    • gamer_3D

      13-16 years old.

  • Sussy

    Best game I’ve every played, Thanks so much. I’m already level 74 by the way 😉

  • Don’t make me slap u

    It’s great but everytime I want to play a game it says it coming soon can someone help me

    • gamer_3D

      What game?

  • Kim

    I didn’t like the game. The intro is annoying…

  • Erica

    I love how in ourworld, you can use gems to get membership instead of the only way being buying it with a credit card. And you can get Gems for free, so I’ve been a member on this game for at least a year and I haven’t paid a single thing to become one! It’s awesome!! 😀


    I like got married now i Have 12 children a vip hubby AND a new boy on my fingers HEART OUR WORLD

    • hhhhh

      how do you get married and have kids in our world

      • Summer Cube

        To get married:
        -Be a resident
        -send a ring to someone for 100-300 (depending on which one you buy) gems (on their profile, click ‘send marriage proposal’)
        -if they send a ring back, you’re married.
        -if they don’t send a ring back, you’re screwed. (And don’t get your gems back v.v)
        To have kids:
        -Be level 100
        -Go on someone’s profile and ‘adopt’ them.
        -you now have a kid.

        Really the only thing you get out of having a ‘family’ is being able to get to higher levels faster.. so marriage isn’t really worth it, but if you’re level 100, there’s really nothing to lose with having a kid (doesn’t cost anything)

        Btw, my ow name is Lost Kitten, and I’m ‘married’ if you wanna see.

        • IplayOurworld

          You don’t have to be a resident to get married and anyway most people who cant afford it or are too low a level just pretend adopt and marry. you don’t really have to buy it, its just for exp boost.

  • marrissa

    how do we kiss

    • gamer_3D

      You can’t kiss but you can send kisses.

  • Amanda_Cupcake


  • Re dal


  • ellen14

    I’ve been playing ourworold for four years and it has never disappointed me

  • Snape

    oW is my baby aw<3 its such a great game but its a shame because there aren't as many new players as before. COMMON NEW PLAYERS WE NEED YOU!!1!

  • Ashanti Jones

    this game in i am a preety girl.

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