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OpenSimulator is an open source multi-server platform that can be used to create multiple virtual worlds. It is compatible with the client for Second Life, and can also host other alternative worlds with multiple protocols that have differing feature sets. OpenSimulator allows virtual world creators the opportunity to develop worlds with the best quality and technology.

This can be used to simulate virtual environments similar to Second Life, given that it supports a sort of messaging protocol. OpenSimulator does not aim to be like Second Life but rather to be the bare bones server of the 3D web.


OpenSimulator has some really great features! It supports online multi-user 3D environments that support as little as one simulator, but can handle 1,000’s of simulators. It supports the creation of 3D content in real-time, as well as real-time Physics simulation. OpenSimulator supports multiple clients and servers, which makes it possible for several people to access in the same world at the same time via multiple protocols. It also supports 3D virtual spaces of variable sizes within one single instance.

A region is what you will see when you log in to OpenSimulator. It is the virtual space where your avatars walk around and interact with each other. This is a square patch of land that can contain an island, mountain, plain or maybe an ocean. The grid is what organizes the regions and their position in these worlds. It also handles things that need to exist across the regions such as your inventory. It can be compared to a map.


OpenSimulator offers affordability and flexibility. The program itself is free, so with skill and the right hardware you can run your own simulators for very little cost. If you are someone who is on a tight budget, OpenSimulator is the best choice for you. It also offers flexibility for creating, archiving, and sharing your work with others.

Many educators are using OpenSimulator to create virtual classrooms. Using this program they are building virtual campuses and networks that are becoming a popular part of the educating community. OpenSimulator is a free way to explore the endless possibilities of the virtual world. Not quite confident that your work is complete? That’s okay! OpenSim has a privacy option so that you are able to work from your desktop and experiment with the program until you achieve the best platform experience.


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If you are looking to be a part of the virtual world and developing a 3D virtual space for whatever the need is OpenSimulator is the best choice for you. The cost is free and the ability to share your work, access multiple platforms, and work from your own desktop are some key features you are sure to love.

Don’t waste your time and money using platforms that charge you. Using OpenSimulator is the best choice for you! The opportunities are endless with this exciting and intriguing program. Jump into the virtual world and start creating worlds of fun with the best of the best!

OpenSimulator is free to play.

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