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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fashion.

If you are ready to rise above and be a star, this iOS game is for you. You will get to join Betty as she rises up in her stardom world. My Moviestar – Dream High features Betty who at first is a failed pop idol. She was fired from her previous position due to making too many mistakes. With life looking all a mess, Betty catches some breaks and rises above.

After Betty was let go she finds herself in the dumps watching television. While watching television she sees one of her former rivals and how they are doing so well. So right then and there she decides to turn her life around. Of course, she cannot do this without your help. It is up to you to get Betty back into the popular ranks of the star world.

My Moviestar10

You will need to build up her skills by doing different things, such as having her attend acting school. You will also need to make sure she visits the beauty shop to make sure she looks tip top as well as your own personal agency. When Betty does get paychecks you will need to make sure she visits the bank to cash them.

Betty’s life is in your hands. You will need to make sure she looks the part by making sure she has the proper wardrobe. You will be responsible for putting together her outfits for her life, so make sure to have stunning outfits for the times when she has auditions for movie roles. My Moviestar – Dream High is fun and challenging, which makes the game a true winner.

My Moviestar9

You will encounter a lot of different and unique characters along the way.  Their personalities will range from snobby to very sweet. These features in the game allow for a fun experience altogether. It is fun meeting new people and if you desire to be real star in the real world, you better get used to it.

You will be required to meet tons of new people, so take advantage of this aspect through Betty. Allow her to present herself the way you plan to in the future if you ever get a chance to rise above ordinary life and enter into a world of movie stars.

My Moviestar1

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Each adventure with Betty will be thrilling. Since you are helping Betty conquer her fears as well as completely make her who she needs to be to be accepted back into stardom, her life is totally in your hands. Help her create a life of luxury so that she does not have to go back to becoming a couch potato sitting back and watching her life go by and wishing for more.

Do you think you have what it takes to build Betty back up? Do you think you can create a movie star? Are you willing to put in the time and effort this is going to take? If you feel capable, then I am sure you will rock this game and take Betty to the top!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: My Moviestar – Dream High on YouTube.

My Moviestar – Dream High is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fashion.

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