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Management games can generally feel the same. When you play so many of them, it is hard to find one that really stands out. Thankfully, My Hospital is able to do just that. It gives you some great gameplay with quirks and fun additions that make it worth playing.

Whether you care about hospital management or you merely want another management game to play, this is going to fit you perfectly. It offers everything you want in a management game, with its own twists and unique appeal. Whether you are a master of the genre or this is your first management game, you will quickly grow to love it.

Part of the reason is that it is so accessible and easy to understand. Management games can easily feel cluttered, complex, and weighed down. They can become more of a chore than they are a game, which takes away from the entertainment value that they offer. That is not the case here, though.

My Hospital is incredibly easy to pick up and start playing. They simplify everything medical, giving it a cute and easy to understand feeling to it. Everything from the medical diagnoses to the treatments to the medicine that you make yourself – all of it is easy to understand.

You have things like a center for tummy problems and machines that make elixirs for you. All of this creates a more cartoonish image and style than a realistic one, which is perfect for anyone who likes casual management games.

Like any other management game, My Hospital sets you up with everything you need to know at first. After going through the tutorial, you are going to know how to build up your hospital, make medicine, treat patients, decorate the outside, and keep it running smoothly. Every time you hit a new milestone, you have your tutorial guide there to help you, too.

You want to make sure that you keep everything going smoothly. As with any management game, the amount of currency, both in-game and premium, that you have is going to run out eventually. Unless you want to start spending real money, you are going to have to manage everything. You are going to have to manage the wait times with the elixirs, you will have to keep patients coming in and getting treated, and you will have to continue building up your hospital.

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Growing as a hospital is crucial. In order to keep up with patient demand and continue earning a living, you will have to expand. This is a basic part of management games, and it is something you will have to work into your plan.

Any management game fan will adore My Hospital. It gives you the charm and play style that you want. It is casual and easy to play, it offers a wonderful environment, it has plenty of features, and it keeps you coming back. It keeps the entire game simply without sacrificing the challenges that you want out of any management game.

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