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Some animals need diamonds, meaning you will need to pay money to get an animal.


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If you haven’t already tried out My Free Zoo then you are surely missing out on a really fun game! In My Free Zoo you can build and customize your zoo empire with souvenir shops and different decorative items while you manage your very own zoo.

The game starts out with you as a zoo director. You start by raising three different animals; rabbits, pigs, and sheep. Eventually you will end up feeding kangaroos, tigers, lions, pandas, monkeys, and other zoo animals.

The object as the game progresses is to build all of your zoo enclosures and add flowers, bamboo poles, and other various objects to your property so that the visitors will be attracted to what they see. This will help the animals to feel safe and at home when people come to visit. Each animal’s enclosure can be decorated to fit their appropriate theme.

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Decorating isn’t the only objective that you have. You want to attract as many zoo pets as you can, because they are what make the business profitable. No matter what the animal type, all the many animals can work together to make your zoo a colorful and beautiful place. As you manage the zoo it is important to make sure that the paths to the enclosures and the grounds stay clean when visitors come and go.

Nobody wants to come into a dirty place and as the manager it is your responsibility to keep the areas clean for new visitors. Taking care to feed the animals and care for them makes them happy, and when they are happy it makes a more pleasurable experience for your visitors.

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My Free Zoo is dull of bright graphics and cool features. You can zoom in and out to see things more closely or to get a view of the whole grounds. Remember that all enclosures only house animals that are the same type. As you direct the zoo you are able to purchase new animals and fill your zoo to attract more and more people. Animals can live in water enclosures, grassland, or forest.

You will have to tend your animals, keep the grounds, and collect admissions from customers. Souvenir shop sales can generate profit as well. You can plant trees and flowers to make your facilities look presentable and help with attracting visitors and keeping animals happy as well.

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My Free Zoo isn’t short on animals either with nearly 30 types that range from common sheep and pigs to flamingos and elephants. To keep you busy My Free Zoo has nearly 200 different achievements so there is never any excuse to not know what to build next.

Who wouldn’t want to run their own zoo! If you love animals and being in charge, then this is a game that you are going to love. You can gain experience points within the game by completing side quests as they come up. The opportunities are endless with My Free Zoo. If you haven’t already started playing this is a game for you! Take on the role as the director of your very own zoo. Be in charge of building and maintaining a beautiful experience. You won’t want to miss out on the game that is sweeping the tween world by storm; so enjoy!

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