My Candy Love

8.3Overall Score

Character customization, plenty of quests.

Gameplay might get repetitive.

PC, iOS, Android

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English, Portuguese, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Swedish

Are you looking for a game that centers on everything you do best, like catching the attention of the hottest guy in school and going out on dates? Then the flirting game My Candy Love is for you! Based on a Japanese dating game, this semi-scripted, interactive game lets you experience dating in high school, all from the safety of your bedroom!


You start out by making your own character, including choosing her zodiac sign, hair style, hair color, and her own personal style. You can decorate your characters room, and earn more stuff as you move through the game to make it extra amazing!


My Candy Love is set up into different episodes, and each one has its own set of goals that you need to reach in order to move on in the game. Everything centers on the idea of building relationships with different guys in school, based on how you talk to them, hang out with them, and appeal to each of their unique personalities. At the end of each episode, if you have a high enough score with a certain guy, you get to go on a date! This leads to picking an awesome outfit and answering common “date” questions in a way that appeal to the guy in question.


For more screenshots, click here.

My Candy is totally free to sign up for, although you only have 10 movement points a day, which is what allows you to go from place to place. However, this leaves you plenty of time for gameplay, and you can always purchase more if you feel like it! The coolest thing about this game is that although there are certain “tasks” you need to complete, the story morphs around the decisions you make, and there are several endings depending on what you do, both for each episode and the entire game! It is fun, flirty, and a great way to practice talking to guys without using someone from your school as a guinea pig. Check it out today!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: My Candy Love on YouTube.

My Candy Love is free to play. If you’re out of Action Points and can’t do anything until tomorrow, then check out the list of Flirting Games.

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  • Antanasia_101

    OMG why does this game take forever to finish….STUPID ACTION POINTS!

  • Yo Booty Like 2 Planets

    ikr, i cant wait till they add dark skin on my candy love

  • Layla 101

    Are there any 3D like games here with no download?

  • Ayeriie

    Yeshh ! ;D ahah <3

  • Tracy Campbell

    Friend me at Cottoncandy84

  • NightShadows

    i wish lysander was real o – o HES SO FRIGGEN HAWT

  • Michaela

    I like this game and all but I also prefer that Anticlove is much better it says where you need to go and you earn 15 action points and money each day.But there is little clothing choices

  • Justin Bolden

    This game takes so long to play and it is censored. If you want to download and play the latest uncensored version of My Candy Love you can download it from here : My Candy Love (Uncensored)

    • John Smith

      Thank you.

    • Wella Loreen

      Thanks it is much more better.

    • Ella Lener

      I love it.

    • Patricia Loreen


    • Jack Smith

      Of course that the uncensored version is much more better.

    • John Ms

      Thank you.

  • Varius Avitus Bassianus

    they have added it now

  • Subaru-nyan

    I was starting to love this game when suddenly, I am stuck at episode 1 because I don’t have enough dollar for the outfit and I learned that this game uses real money for that. WHYYYY? But I can’t use real money for a game!

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