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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds.

Muddle Earth is an exciting game that is targeted towards kids but enjoyable by all. Whether you enjoy stories about Muddle Earth or you like these types of games, or even if you are a huge fan of Tolkien, this is something that you will want to play for a long time.

It transports you to another world that is going to capture your imagination and interest. You will want to play and you will want to see more of what is possible. As you customize, level up, and see the world around you, you are going to become more interested in this game and all that it offers.


As stated, Muddle Earth is a game that takes place where fairies and wizards and more roam the lands. If you know the stories, you know the way that this game goes. You are going to be following a story where there is magic and wandereverywhere and you are going to be thrown into the middle of it all.

Since this is a lot like the Tolkien books, you can trust that what you see is far more intriguing than just your basic dragons and castles. This is going to be a story that grabs you and never let’sgo; as if you would want it to once you get started.


When you start up Muddle Earth, you are going to be customizing your own character. You can make it whatever you want and customize it in various ways. Find a look that you like and go with it, whatever that may be for you. While the customization is not the main part of the game, obviously, it is still an interesting piece of it that gives you the chance to put yourself into the game.

Playing is all about levelling up, exploring, and progressing through the game. Since this is mostly for kids, you can expect it to be manageable for most levels. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this is going to be something that you can play successfully. What makes it interesting is how fun and different it is. As you gain experience and as you improve your character, you will be able to see this and it will make you want to play more.


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Socialization is possible, though not fully. There is scripted chat, which is a chat system that gives you certain things to say. There are choices for what you can say to other players to ensure a safe experience for everyone. You will be able to trust that no one else is going to try to harass or verbally attack another player here, or in any way say something that leads to dangerous situations. It allows you to focus on the game while still having fun talking.

Muddle Earth offers a lot for you to love. Regardless of what you enjoy in the types of games, you will be able to see the charm and joy here. It will give you the chance to play and have fun easily.

Muddle Earth is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds.

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