Movie Star Planet

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It is a fun and creative movie world theme.

Some features,clothes and items are only available for VIP users.

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No matter what type of vibe you try to pull off, you’ve spent at least some portion of class fantasizing about being a movie star. So what if you could actually experience it without giving up your funky clothes, over-priced coffee, and hours spent ogling boys while acting nonchalant? Well, now you can with Movie Star Planet!

After signing up, this amazing virtual world lets you create your avatar, which turns out to be a high-powered celebrity movie star (at least eventually)! You can personalize how your avatar looks, his or her style, and a bunch of other stuff, which means that you can make it yourself, or a better or completely different version, and then see where this type of life takes you!


As you play different mini games on the site and compete in competitions, from making movies to acting in parts, you earn coins that let you buy new costumes or tricks you can add to your next movie to make even bigger bucks!

The site also has a pretty awesome social aspect (because if you’re going to be famous, you want those around you to notice!) which means you get to share your achievements and movies with friends.


Movie Star Planet is definitely something different in what is generally a bland genre filled with stale virtual worlds. If you enjoy creative gameplay in particular you’ll like the ability to play dress ups and create your own movies to share with others.


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For your safety, the site is monitored, so you won’t have to deal with one of the shady, gross aspects of movie-stardom – creepy stalkers and people trolling for trouble. The game is mostly free, although you can pay for stuff if you want. And as many of the games involve improving reading and writing skills, you can spin Movie Star Planet as an educational tool to your parents. Check it out today!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Movie Star Planet on YouTube.

This game is free to play.

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