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Do you have a passion for animals? Want to experience life outside of high school and see if working with animals every day is for you? Then Mondo Zoo is a fantastic, free way to stretch your proverbial wings and explore running a huge zoo!


At the start of the game, you’re entrusted with over 200 animals that you need to save and protect, including various endangered animals from all over the world! Set-up in a series of rounds, you can buy and sell animals through the World Animal Foundation (WAF) or risk your luck with the black market, which can get you banned from buying and trading with the WAF.


Every time you sign in, you start a new round. Your ultimate goal is to earn a good reputation with the WAF, which will help your zoo succeed and get the backing that it needs. The zoo itself is broken up into three areas: the Jungle, the Savannah, and the Farm. The animals reside where you’d think they would (i.e., monkeys in the Jungle, goats at the farm).


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As you keep working forward, your zoo will expand, you can hire employees and you can help them build their own careers with essential skills and training, all while keeping your animals happy and well taken care of. All of this is accomplished via various missions, contests, and goals. You can also open shops and other venues in your park, turning it into an all-inclusive experience for zoo guests.

All in all, Mondo Zoo is fun, educational without being ridiculously boring, and a great way to spend your down time!

Mondo Zoo is free to play.

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