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Get a blast from the past in this game that features cavemen in the prehistoric period. Many Years Ago is about the survivors of an ancient tribe that barely escaped after a volcano destroyed their entire home. What’s worse, when they find another home, it is also threatened by the eruption of another volcano.

You, the player, have the job of helping the tribe and the chief build new homes, find food, and advance their little civilization so that they can build a boat to escape before the next volcano erupts. It is up to you to solidify this tribe’s existence by birthing babies and seeking out new knowledge.

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You accomplish this by finding the tools needed to perform tasks and leading the members to spots on the island like coconut trees and quarry rocks. All the supplies you gather is put in community supply huts which can be upgraded later on in the game.

All of the materials that you find are important for the tribe’s survival and advancement. The food is for feeding them, of course, and the tools are used to build new buildings like homes and stables for dinosaurs. With each new building, the tribe’s quality of life improves.

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You can build totems which gives your tribes new knowledge and unlocks mini games. With the mini games you can earn more experience points which can be used for more materials for your tribe. You can also assign jobs to your tribe members in which they will earn more experience and perform the skill better. Increase their skill levels by dividing up the points earned from achievements, mini games and collecting coins.

Your tribe will be small at the beginning but it increases in size as the members procreate. The babies needs to be put in the kindergarten area until they get old enough to gather fruit and fish. Adults are able to do all tasks in the game.

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Keeping an eye on your tribe members is important because they can get sick. You must give them medicines to heal them incase this happens. Throughout the game, you have to complete certain tasks in order to reach the goal of leaving the island before the volcano erupts. The tutorial in the game teaches you everything that you need to know to play the game effectively. The game features 3D graphics and characters designed in a style that resemble the Flintstones cartoon.

The music consists of calypso beats and European inspired music. The mini games are a fun diversion between all of the gathering, building and looking after your tribe that you must do. The experience points you get from them are quite useful as well.Keeping your own village and watching your tribe grow and develop new skills will keep you engaged in this game for a long time. It keeps you coming back each day to play again and again. The ultimate goal is what makes the gameplay worth it, along with the satisfaction of creating your own little civilization.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Many Years Ago on YouTube.

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