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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Avatar Creators.

Are you tired of the same old dull pictures on your iPhone for your contact list?

The MakeMe app is a free application created for  your iPhone. The MakeMe app is created for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch. It is fun to use and easy to create some really cool looking characters for you and your friends to share and enjoy.

This app is soooo cool! You can create a funny and goofy avatar character for your iPhone. Would you like to wear bling that would otherwise stand out in a crowd? With this app you can create your character the way you want him or her to look!


Your friends will enjoy playing with this app! You can create funny or cool avatars for them as well. You can use these characters for the photos of your friends on your contact list as well as share them with friends and family on the different social media sites available online.

MakeMe has awesome features for you to enjoy. The characters are cute and they are created in 2D animation styles.

MakeMe is easy to use and interface with your iPhone. You can create your characters with ease because everything detailed and categorized for you to be able to locate and use everything with ease.

With this app you can let your imagination go wild. You will have 1000+ different parts to use to create your very own unique avatar character.


When you create your characters you will be able to adjust the looks of your characters face because the facial parts are made to be adjustable.

You will be able to customize your clothes and colors as well as the looks of your characters face. You can use your original pictures as the images for your background.

Do not forget to share your new character picture on the various social networks online.

Remember for the MakeMe images to work properly on your iPhone you will need to add the MakeMe address to our iPhone.

If you decide you would like a new look on your avatar characters you can switch to gallery mode and edit them at any time. These images can be exported into your existing photo albums.


For more screenshots, click here.

Everybody loves a good laugh and the MakeMe app will be a great way to liven up the party! You will be able to create your own character the way you want it to look and share it with friends and family.

The MakeMe app is much like the guy who creates a cartoon picture of you at the fair or at an amusement park.

You can create your own style for each person on your contact list on your iPhone or iPad. Be creative, everybody has something that you like about them.

Do not forget to share your pictures of your characters on your social network for everyone to enjoy.

The MakeMe app is free, fun, exciting, and easy to use. Your contact list on your iPhone will never be dull again!

MakeMe is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Avatar Creators.

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