Lucky Rabbit Reflex

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Tons of different endings.

Once you pick a job, you’re stuck with it.

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Lucky Rabbit Reflex is a dating sim that has you playing as a seventeen year old girl about to finish school. In her last year at a new school, she is ready to find love, friendship, and experiences that she will cherish for years. As you play as her, you will get to meet the various other students and unlock many of what is possible.

With the large number of possibilities, you can continue to replay this game for a long time. This will help you to have more fun and enjoy this game for longer. As you do, you will get to see more and more of what is possible and see more of the many characters themselves. Whether you are having fun or romancing one of the boys, there is a lot for you to do and continue to do.


The lead character in this dating sim is actually a girl, a change from the usual male seeking female dating sims. As her, you will be attending a new college for your last year. Once there, you will meet a large number of other people. These are going to become your friends and romantic interests throughout the game, depending upon what you choose to do. You will get to meet them, talk to them, and romance them. Whatever you choose to do, you can make the game entirely yours and have fun for a long time.

The various characters can be met in many different ways. There are some whom you meet automatically, but there are others that take time and require you to do something else. This large cast makes it easier for you to find characters differently the more often that you play.


You might find characters whom you have never met during your second, third, fourth, or fifth replay, or even long after that. This gives you the opportunity to continue to have fun and see interesting sides of this story that are entirely new to you.

One of the reasons that you can continue to replay this game is that it offers 19 different endings. With so many options, it is going to be hard to let this go. You will get to see the game change and change every time that you play. You might see some similarities between them, of course, but there are more than enough differences to make each play through unique on its own. This can help to make the game more interesting and playable for every person.


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The game offers a lot of options as a whole. This will help you to see more characters and do more than you could otherwise. When you play, you will get to have quite a bit of fun and see a lot. This can create new experiences repeatedly, and not just with the endings.

When you first see and play this game, you are going to love all that it offers. It is a rather attractive and interesting game that will grab your attention and make you want to continue playing. You will get to continue playing for a long time with unique experience after unique experience.

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