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Decent tracklist and good presentation.

The game slows down when playing.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Singing Games.

Lips is a fun new Karaoke game with wireless microphones, an excellent song list, and tons of great songs to choose from. Advance through levels as you sing your way to stardom. If you are someone who loves singing karaoke, but may not have the best vocals, no worries! The Lips experience isn’t like those super challenging Karaoke games out today. Lips brings the fun of singing karaoke right to your home without all the super hard pitch analyzers and booing crowds.

The song selection on Lips is amazing; whether you like Rihanna or you are a die-hard Radiohead fan there is something for everyone’s taste and plenty to keep you singing the night away. Lips offers incredibly easy achievement points and solo or multiplayer play, so either you close the bedroom door and turn into Tina Turner, or have an all-out family or party experiencing rocking out to all that Lips has to offer.


The mics are one of the best features of Lips. Wireless microphones make it easy to twirl around and get into the groove of the music as you sing your heart out. A player can shake a mic at any time during the song to join in on the song. You can also rock them in time with the music to make tambourine like effects or a cymbal sound.

The main function of the microphone is to gain the star power and add style points to your score. Lips will ask you at times to wave your arms over your head or shake the microphone from side to side, this may seem hard, but you don’t have to be the most skilled person to advance at this game!


Lips is best played with two players, but the game is limited in multiplayer options. The game doesn’t have a pass the mic option nor an option for team based play, but to have the multiplayer experience XBOX 360 controllers can be brought in to play several instruments including a wooden block, tambourine, or a cowbell.

Lips also gives the option to send individual song challenges to others online. There is also the ability to upload songs via computer, iPod, or the XBOX 360 hard drive.


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Lips offers solid entertainment for the karaoke lover. Having a party? Plug in the XBOX 360 and start with Lips’. It is sure to bring the best karaoke experience to your party scene. The game is not limited to certain age groups. No matter how old you are you can enjoy the all out fun times with Lips.

Dance and sing and have a solid experience with the wireless microphone capability. Get the old choir buddies back together and sing some of the songs you used play back in the day. Sing a duet with your significant other, or have the kids start a band! Whatever you do don’t miss out on the fun you could be having when you are playing the greatest karaoke game ever! You don’t want to miss out on Lips’!

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Singing Games.

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