Legends of Oz World

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Multiplayer.

We are not in Kansas anymore ToTo!

Are you a fan of the classic Wizard of Oz? Do you remember the trip that Dorothy made in the Land of Oz to see the wizard because she was told he could help her return home?  Even if you have not had the pleasure of seeing the movie you will enjoy the game!

The Legends of Oz World is free to play for children and adults of all ages. (I bet Mom and Dad will love this)

You will experience the ultimate trip of a lifetime by traveling through the Land of Oz with your cute little side-kick ToTo. When you begin this long journey you will see some very familiar faces along the yellow brick road to help you reach the “Great Wizard of Oz!”

Legends of Oz World12

As you progress through the game there will be mini-games, puzzles, and quests that will help you and your new “Oz” friends help to restore Oz back to its wondrous beauty.

You will help Dorothy and her friends save the Land of Oz from the new villains that have taken over. When you create your profile you will be able to customize your very own character and take care of ToTo to!

During setting up your profile you will need to think of a cool name for your character. If you are under the age of 13 be sure to ask Mom and Dad to help you with the set-up of your game. We are sorry but we will have to have your parent’s information for the setting up of the game.

Legends of Oz World6

Once your game and information is set up you will have full access to the Wonderful Land of Oz! You will be able to earn rewards and energy and level up as you go through the perils of what lies ahead for Dorothy and her friends.

The Legends of Oz is a fun, entertaining, and educational game for all ages! The game story is set on the time that Dorothy returned to the Land of Oz and everything has changed!

You will enjoy a safe and friendly environment that is very colourful and whimsical.

Legends of Oz World2

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I bet you are wondering how you will pay your way during your journey.  The money you will use on your adventure for money is the green emeralds and yellow bricks. In order for you to earn yellow bricks you will have ToTo to help dig for them throughout the game. The other money, green emeralds are very rare. You can find an emerald every once in a while on your travels but if you would like to obtain very many green emeralds you will have to use real-world money.

In the beginning you will be able to purchase items that will help you on your journey with yellow bricks but as the game progresses you will need to purchase premium items that may require green emeralds too!

Come help Dorothy and her friends defeat the evil villains and save Oz!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Legends of Oz World on YouTube.

Legends of Oz World is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Multiplayer.

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