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Bugs issues and funky controls.

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What Is Kingdom Island?

Kingdom Island is a virtual world where you meet dragons, socialize with thousands of other players, chat with your friends, customize your dragon and explore this fun, safe and exciting world! On top of that, as long as you have access to the internet you can play anywhere!

Play online or play offline, your choice! You do not have to be on your computer! Play on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or go ahead and play on your computer. Kingdom Island is moderated 24/7 so ensured your playing experience is always safe.

Explore wonderful and exciting environments while interacting with thousands of other players. Enjoy hours playing this free and absolutely amazing game while meeting and chatting with people from all over the world. Chat and play with your friends, get other dragons to follow you and in turn, you follow them. This game is just absolutely the very best!

Kingdom Island1

How To Play

When you signup, the first thing you want to do is select your very own personal dragon avatar. Customize your dragon just the way you want and then get ready for the energizing, exciting adventure ahead of you. You will also want to design your very own town and customize it to fit your style.

Help Others and Solve Puzzles

You need to help characters along the way and solve fun puzzles, that’s how you gain experience and level up your dragon. Solving puzzles and situations will give you experience and wonderful rewards. As you finish various challenges you will unlock items that will assist you along the way as well as items to further customize your dragon for an ever so unique look!

Chat With Friends Endlessly

You will have absolutely the very best time talking with your friends, interacting with other players while playing your game and completing great challenges. What’s really cool is you can also help each other out along the way.

Kingdom Island6

While chatting in the game, you do not have to talk about the game, you can keep in touch with friends and keep communication lines wide open! You will love this nifty feature!

Opt To Play Solo

Another great option to Kingdom Island, you do not have to play with friends. If you want to play solo for a while, you are welcome to and it’s just as much fun as playing with others. If you are playing the game on your iPod, you can  listen to your favorite music while you play the game. Play and listen to any type of music you want to, you are not forced to listen to the game’s music if you don’t want to.

Some Awesome Key Features

It takes an easy 20 seconds to register

Customizing your dragon in a variety of colors and clothing

Chat with dragons

Private message other dragons

Kingdom Island5

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Multiplayer virtual world

Explore many different rooms

Follow dragons or have them follow you

Socialize in this safe, fund and extremely exciting virtual world


What is there about this game not to love! Kingdom Island was created to fit you while having way too much fun! Explorations are so incredibly awesome you will never be bored. Chat with friends, listen to your favorite music while advancing your dragon to new and exciting levels. Kingdom Island is the ultimate in virtual games, so grab your friends and sign up as fast as you can!  You will love every second of it!

Kingdom Island is free to play.

Play Kingdom Island Now

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