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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pet Worlds.

Happy Hospital – A Star Among The Facebook Games

Nowadays Facebook has become one of the significant gaming networks in addition to being a platform for social networking. Facebook is always trying to provide a variety of games for all age groups. From action packed games, to arcade games to even casino games, there is something for every game lover. Happy hospital is yet another interesting game on Facebook that makes way for endless hours of fun.

Happy Hospital – Quite Interesting, Isn’t it?

This game is pretty interesting and has a noble concept too. At Happy Hospital, a player needs to manage a hospital and treat different kinds of pets and animals by constructing rooms to help cure their many diseases. The pets are cute and adorable and the game revolves around these tiny animals that are sick.


This game can be categorized as a developer version of the Theme Hospital, a childhood game that many of you may have played. The key focus of this game is to keep doctors most vigilant to assist the patients and to make sure the medical equipment is ready for any emergencies.

What Makes Happy Hospital an Interesting Game to Play

At Happy Hospital, you can build special rooms for your cute pets who suffer from specific diseases, for example: separate rooms for cancer patients and patients who have an infectious disease. You need to focus on the unlocking part during the Happy Hospital game, since you need to unlock more rooms to treat more patients within the stipulated time.


These Shortcuts Might Help You!

Using the computer placed at the hospital reception every now and then will help you keep check on the number of pets who needs treatment. This strategy would help you to plan for a better treatment and to tend to all those helpless pets that need care.

From this data you can guess the number of hospital rooms you will need to build for your patients. As you treat more patients and unlock more rooms, you will get rewards and points.


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The “boost feature in every room” is the highlight of this game. This feature can be used to boost up the treatment time of patients, who needs special care. Get the jackpot of 3 batteries as soon as you can, for it can be used to charge up any equipment that may be needed to treat your pets.

This fun game allows you to nurture your love for pets. Turn the sad neigh of a pony to a happy whinny or treat a leaky nose of a cute squirrel. As you play this game discover unfortunate health conditions of the tiny pets who knock the door of the hospital for help, and help them recuperate and recover from their illnesses. 

Happy Hospital is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pet Worlds.

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