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Farm, build, create, chat, and much more in the immense and amazing universe of Growtopia. Users built this universe, and you have the opportunity to add to it. By using what you have available to you, you can start the demolition and creating processes. It is all very easy to do, too.

Of course, it is not all simple and sunshine. You have to watch out for thieves! Other players may threaten your belongings so you are going to have to buy a lock. You also want to make friends or bring friends in to play and collaborate. There is a lot waiting for you here so get ready to break some ground.


Growtopia is a sandbox MMO. This means that you can create it your way and play along with many others across the world. You start out with nearly nothing here, merely a door and some land, but you have the resources available to create something big. You have to start by taking down some land.

You want to plant trees so that you are collecting gems. This is the farming part. It is all rather simple. You pick up the seeds, you plant the seeds, you collect gems from the trees, and you use those gems.


These seeds do more than grow trees. You can choose to plant them or to splice them. If you plant, you get your tree, which you can collect for gems. If you choose to splice them, however, you collect items. There are hundreds of items available for you to collect and the options are continuing to grow. This gives you access to everything that you will need to create the most amazing world possible. Since there are additions regularly, you do not have to worry about the selection becoming boring, either.

You are going to want to protect the items that you collect by purchasing a lock. There are locks of several sizes and you can purchase them using gems. You are going to need this to avoid thievery. If your items are without protection, others may come into your world and start taking what they want. You can let your friends have access, too, if you would like to share items for collaborations.


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The thieves are other players. Other players can go into your world and start stealing, just as you can go into their worlds to steal. This makes for a dangerous living, but one full of excitement. You are going to need to make friends to collaborate on worlds and protect yourself in order to survive Growtopia. It is going to be difficult to manage the dangers if you are working alone or not protecting yourself.

Play mini games and chat with friends, as well! Growtopia is full of fun little features that you can use to make the game feel more alive. You can earn the in-game currency, play mini-games like surgery and parkour, destroy, build, and see what else is possible for you in this huge and impressive world.

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