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What Is GleamVille

This is a new Virtual World MMO or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. You will start by creating an Avatar then explore the city and find some new friends. There are a multitude of activities and games to participate in as you progress along.

Decorate and furnish your home and then invite your buddies over for a crazy party. Compete with your friends in many multiplayer games to win accessories or cash. While traveling around the city, you can stop at a local pub, go shopping at the mall, go to the cinema or laze around on the beach, to name a few.

How To Create Your Avatar

To customize your Avatar, click the “Profile” button and then go to “My Avatar” tab.

Your first choice will be “Wear Set”. You will first choose up to four outfits. Once you have chosen wear, click “Wear This Set” above an appropriate outfit for editing and saving the Wear Set.

After this step, you can choose your Avatar’s body parts by selecting the appropriate tab – hair, eyes, torso, legs and feet.

You can also change the skin color from 4 skin tone buttons directly below your Avatar’s figure.


As you can save up to 4 outfits, you can switch between all 4 during customization, these changes will be memorized. If you wish to store all of your changes in “Wear Set”, just click “Save Changes”.

How to Navigate Around the Map

There are two ways to get around the city. By default, you’ll be in the “Manual” mode, you must move your cursor to the edge of the game window in order to scroll down through the map.

By going to the Profile/Options tab, you can change your mode to “Interactive”. This will cause the map to scroll according to your mouse’s position.

How To Enter a Certain Location

As you scroll through the map, you can place your mouse over a location in order to get more information. The name of the place and the number of users in that location, at that time, will appear.

If you want to enter that location, click on the location and the Chat Room selection window will open.

To enter the Chat Room, simply click the “Enter” button next to the room’s number of choice.


Current Available Locations

  • Pub
  • Dorado
  • Restaurant
  • Cinema
  • Park de L’Amour
  • Gleamville Camp
  • Party Boat
  • The Beach
  • Glitter Plaza
  • Gleamville Hotel
  • Private Apartments Areas
  • Private Homes Area


For more screenshots, click here.

Your Home

After you reach Level 2, which will happen very quickly, you will be given a home. You can decorate it anyway to fit your particular taste. By visiting “Gleamville Plaza”, you can shop for decor, get stuff for your garden and any other shopping needs you might have.

Chat Room Mini Games

Each chat room has Mini Games that you can play while chatting. Challenge new and old friends alike to play the games with you, it’s a lot of fun!

Make new friends while visiting chat rooms, join in on game challenges, create really cool avatars and fully customize your private home. These are just a few of the wonderful, fun-filled activities waiting for your at Gleamville!

Come join in on the fun, you won’t regret it!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Gleamville on YouTube.

Gleamville is free to play.

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