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Strategy and empire builder games are hugely popular lately, and with good reason. With so many out there, it is hard to find one that can really stand out. Getting one that hits the right spot feels like a chore – until now, that is. Game of Emperors gives you that experience you want, built exceptionally well.

It has a lot of what you want out of these games. It is not trying to be something completely different from everything else, nor is it stripping away features until you have a bare game. Instead, it gives you a detailed, high quality gaming experience that is going to keep you entertained for ages.

It starts out like any other, with you ruling over a small area of land. This is land that needs your help to grow and strengthen. The people rely on you to get the empire to a point where it becomes the strongest in the land, and you can absolutely do that. There is a lot available to you here, but you will need to strategize and work hard to get there.

Building up your empire, physically, means building structures. There are quite a few structures that you can build here, and you will want to build them all. When it comes to resource collecting and helping your people, each structure is going to play a vital role. Make sure that you get them all set up so that your empire can grow immensely.

You will have to upgrade them as time goes on, too. As your empire grows, your small structures will not do you much good. You will have to continually make them better if you want to see yourself succeed.

This is not solely about building structures, obviously. An empire is much, much more than that. One of the key parts of any empire is the army, which you, too, will build. You will have to keep your army growing, with all the best you can find.

With that army, you are going to fight. Fight in order to collect resources and help your empire to keep getting stronger. Fights are important in defense, too, as other empires try to attack you for what you have.

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As a free to play online game, this does use currency and energy. Both of these can run out, and will force you to wait if you want to continue playing. This is not too big of a problem if you do not mind the wait or if you want to pay money, but it is something you should grow to expect. Most games these days have these features, especially games that are online and free.

Play against other players, as well, and explore the many other features of Game of Emperors. There is far more here than a lot of other games of the genre offer, and they do it really well. It is the strategy builder that you have been wanting, done beautifully and exceptionally well from start to finish.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Game of Emperors on YouTube.

Game of Emperors is free to play.

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