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You can dress up your avatar or change your saved outfits, read and post in the forums, reply to private messages, check your notices and buy stuff on th

No landscape function, guilds, chat and friends button are missing on this app.

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Gaia on the Go is a great way for you to access your Gaia Online account while you are on the move. Gaia Online is a fun online community that lets you create your own online character that you can use to play games and make friends in another world. By exploring the environments in Gaia Online you can work to collect items to decorate your very own virtual home and to customize your own items for your home such as aquariums and more.

Gaia on the Go lets you access a number of the features that you can normally use in the online browser version of Gaia. People use Gaia to talk about a variety of different topics such as anime, sci fi, comics, politics, fashion, and even just life in general. It is fun to make new friends from around the world on Gaia Online and you can also make friends and look into all this content using the application now as well.

The original version of this application was very simple but the new version of the Gaia on the Go interface is much better than it was before. You can perform many actions like buying things in the store, read and post replies on the forums with your friends, read current announcements, create new outfits for your characters and even make purchases in the cash shop with your mobile device or ipod.

Being able to access the cash store is a handy feature with this new on the go interface. Sometimes you may really want an item in the store or an item might be on clearance for just a short while. Having access to an item right away lets you buy it before you forget and using all the information that you have saved on your mobile device anyway.

Staying in contact with your friends over Gaia is also very easy. Not only can you save money if you do not have an unlimited texting plan on your phone by using Gaia to communicate but you can also interact with all of your online friends as long as you have a phone or device with an internet connection. Seeing if all your friends are online is very simple and you can quickly create conversations and meet up with their characters on your phone.

One of the best reasons to use the Gaia on the Go game in conjunction with Gaia is to take advantage of an additional daily chance to win avatar items. Each day you can take a chance to win free gold or new avatar items which can help to customize your character in the game. You may not have the opportunity to access these items in the game without downloading the app so you can really watch the number of items for your avatar grow by downloading the app.

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If you are an avid fan of Gaia or interested in connecting with more players on Gaia through a mobile application, the new Gaia on the Go app can help you to do more with your mobile devices and the Gaia universe.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Gaia on the Go  on YouTube.

Gaia on the Go is free to play.

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