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Flirt your heart out, and the heart out of potential love interests, in Flirt City. Here, you will go on a television show and attempt to win over some men or women. Flirt, win them over, and find your soul mate in this exciting adventure of love. All the while, you will have the chance to compete with other players and dress up your character. There is even some strategy involved with this game, forcing you to analyze and think before you do anything. A simple game with depth, it is sure to attract and excite any fans of the fashion and dress up genre.


Your avatar is not just an extension of you in Flirt City. In most games, your choice in style is all about what you like. You are choosing based on what you prefer, building a virtual version of you. Sure, you can get creative with it or try to beat out everyone else in style, but there is no real point to any of that. In the end, other games are just dress up games, nothing more. It is different here, though. You are not just dressing up – you are winning people over. You will have to gain style and look points if you are to become a success.

To win people over, you have to look good. Look points cover your hair and makeup, watching to make sure everything matches. You want the best hair and makeup, and you want the colors to match perfectly, to get as many points as possible here. The style points cover the clothes that you wear. Mix and match until you find a perfect combination of clothes and accessories. Over 1,000 clothes and accessories, and over 100 hair and makeup options, give you nearly unlimited choices here. You will always find a new combination that can work.


Flirt City is not only about appearances. You will have to build intellect and skills, too. From reading to swimming, you will want to work on skills that round you out and make you more appealing. These will play heavily into the romance game, alongside the style and look points. Potential love interests will want to find someone that matches them, so choose a combination that gets the perfect man or woman.

Compete against others for the heart of your soul mate. You will have to use the points that you collect to your advantage as you attempt to win them over, even using boosts as a way to get their attention. Do watch out, though. Heart levels and competition will make this harder than you think, requiring a bit of strategy and quick thinking if you are to succeed.


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The graphics of the game is nice. It’s colorful and it’s an eye candy. The characters are not realistic but they are still good. You’re also not limited to a single background, which makes the game more enjoyable. It’s less likely that you will feel bored because there’s so much to explore and unlock. For instance, there’s the home and there’s also the studio of the TV Show where you can flirt with the characters of other players.

Find true love and endless entertainment when you play Flirt City. It is perfect for anyone on the dating scene or looking to have a little fun with it. Get people’s attention, flirt as much as you would like, and have fun with the style and options available to you in this game.

Flirt City is free to play.

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