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Fishao makes fishing an adventure that is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Anyone who enjoys fishing games or fishing in general should check out this massive and amazing game, where you can catch over 150 types of fish and where you can meet plenty of new people. It is not like some of your other basic, limited fishing simulators, where you may not have an idea of what to do other than catch a few fish; you have something large and imaginative in front of you that is waiting for you to explore it. Get ready, go out, and go catch every type of fish that you can find.

Fishing, of course, is the main point of Fishao. When you start out, you will be given the opportunity to catch all types of fish. In fact, there are over 150 types available to you throughout this world, which is rather large.


You can go from fishing spot to fishing spot, testing your skills and trying to catch something new each time. While it is a lot of fun, it is going to be difficult if your goal is to get every fish in the game. If you truly want to be the best fisherman in this game, you have to prepare for quite a bit of effort and time, though it will all be exciting. Once you start catching fish, remember to breed them, too.

You are not limited to just one area, like most other games. These fish are spread out in 10 different areas, all of which you can unlock and explore. They each relate to the real world and give you something new to see, explore, and experience. When you get into them, you can start fishing immediately or you can speak with other players, or you can go fishing with some of your friends.


Have fun and see what this game really has to offer. Do not forget competitions, either, when exploring, which give you the chance to earn big and have fun.

When you are done fishing and checking out the world, go check out your home, which you can decorate to your specifications. Have fun with it and make it your own to match your personalized character. There is a decent selection available for both character and home, so finding something that is appealing to you and that speaks to you should not be that difficult. Have fun with the different looks until you find something perfect.


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Are you more interested in making friends? Well, luckily for you, there is a large community of friendly players awaiting you in Fishao. They all want to fish, meet others, and have fun, and all while taking advantage of all of the great features here.

It is the type of community that anyone can love, and it is safe for all ages to join. You can explore and fish with your friends, or you can simply talk to them and enjoy the game your way, whatever you want to do.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fishao on YouTube.

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