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Fashionista is a fun and exciting new game that makes you the editor of the glamorous Fashionista magazine! This game is great because it allows you to take your time and be creative. The goal you are trying to achieve in this game is simple: Make the magazine a success by selling as many issues as possible.

I know you are probably thinking that doesn’t sound so simple, but as long as you take the advice from your advisor and make sure that you dress the cover model to meet the certain the current trend as she suggests you will do well.


You will start the game off with a view of the town by pressing the left mouse button down you can move throughout the town. It might be a little much at first but you will get used to it. You will do most of your shopping at the mall. You can buy things from a selection of tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses, and accessories. As you progress through the game you will find that more specialty stores will be available in the town, and there will be more choices to go through as well.

After you buy clothing, your next step is to assemble a team. You won’t be able to choose your location or who to hire because everything is preselected for different levels. Once you have a building you will need to hire a writer, editor, photographer and model. These can be found at their respective hiring spots and agencies in town. As the game progresses and you grow you will have to revisit these places to hire more people.


After assigning your team to their respected places you are ready to get to work. Make sure to follow your advisor’s advice so that you can be up to par on your competitors and subscribers, and how to earn money. If you fail to do so your sales will surely fall.

The advice you get from your advisor will come to you in a newsletter doting hot styles and colors that you will need to incorporate in the magazine for the best results. You will not be rewarded for your own creativity so it is best to follow what she says.


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Using the clothing you purchased from the mall, you need to dress up your model. Once the model is clothed you can change the color of the clothing by sliding the color palette to the color of your choice. Once you are satisfied with the model that you have created you are ready to publish your magazine and set a price.

As you progress through the game, depending on your success you can be given more money that you can use to eventually expand your business and purchase new clothing items as well. Fashionista promises to be a game that you will love, so give it a try it will surely keep you busy as you build your fashion empire running a magazine.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fashionista on YouTube.

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