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Are you looking for a fashion game that is not just dressing up dolls? Do you want more out of your fashion games and want them to be faster paced?

If you do then Fashion Dream is just what you have been looking for. This is not like all of the other fashion apps and games out there as you do not just dress up dolls by changing their hair and clothes. In Fashion Dream you are helping your good friends Vera and Mario with their fashion store.

Fashion Dream1

Vera wants to go to fashion school but cannot afford it so her and Mario decide to open up their own fashion store so that Vera can one day be the fashion designer that she dreams of being.

But in order for them to open up their store they need help! This is where you come in for the rescue, your job is to help them run the store but you have to make sure that you manage your time well. Fashion Dream is a fast paced time management fashion game that will keep you on your toes!

Fashion Dream2

You not only help them run the store but you also have to serve each of the customers. This means taking their measurements and designing or picking out the right clothes for them.

If you wait too long though the customer might storm out of the shop and you know that that is not good at all! As you make items you can keep buying and designing better stuff like items and equipment that will help you to perform better and help Vera achieve her lifelong dreams!

Fashion Dream3

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Fashion Dream has so much to offer! You get to design for customers which are super fun especially if you want to be a fashion designer! There are tons of mini games with in Fashion Dream that will keep you busy and will help you earn money so that you can keep upgrading. There are also 30 different levels that have 8 different characters so you have lots of options while you are playing.

You can also upgrade several of your items, this means that if you have a pair of scissors or a sewing machine that needs a little upgrade you might be able to do just that after you win some mini games to earn credits. This fast paced Fashion Dream will keep you busy for hours and you never know when your next customer will walk through the door!

Fashion Dream is free to play.

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