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If you have dreamed about fashion design and creating your own line of clothing, then this is the game for you. This game offers you the opportunity to take on the role of an up and coming fashion designer. This game, played through Facebook, allows you the chance to step right in and take over.

You will be able to purchase designs, add-ons, and accessories to help you build your very own portfolio. Once you have your portfolio, you will be able to take on more demanding jobs that will be thrilling to your trendy spirit. There are many avatars to choose from and if you also play Mall Word, you will be able to customize your avatar to your own personal tastes.

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Mall World can be linked with Fashion Designer and gives you the chance to play at an even higher level. With the games synced together, you can even buy other player’s designs and they can buy yours. This is a really cool feature.

Most of your time will be spent working for your clients. You will have the chance to design gowns for these clients. You will be provided with a list of projects that you can potentially take on and choose from. This list is located in your project folder and will show you the requirements of each project. Your requirements will range from color schemes, to embellishments, to the style of dress. When you look at your project requirements and see you do not have the proper items, you can purchase them if you have enough money.

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There are a number of design kits as well as color schemes, as well as a number of different embellishments that you can purchase at different times when you have the money to. You will earn money through Facebook credits or by selling your designs. For many, the embellishments section of the game is the most fun. The embellishment aspect of the game play is where you can be really creative.

You will be able to add your style and flare with these patterns and customizations. You will have options to use 3D items as well such as flower ornaments or bows. The great thing about them is they can be resized, layered, rotated to allow you unlimited array of creative ability to work with.

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Take some time to visit with your friends and check out their designs. Make sure to show off your designs as well. Make them envious with your creativity and fashionable flare! If you are linked to Mall World, you will also have the option to display your designs in your shop. Make sure to purchase additional slots to save your designs in. You can do this by using your Facebook credits. You will be able to save 20 designs in your portfolio, but just in case you need more space, make sure to have these extra slots so you do not lose any of your favorite pieces.

This game is very creative an offers you to show your creative skills as well.

Fashion Designer is free to play.

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