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Dash off into an exciting world of fashion when you play Fashion Dash. You will get to join the ride of fashion fame with Coco, who is the game’s main character. Coco’s dream was always to be a fashion designer and with the help of Flo through support and guidance, she is able to take the steps she needs to make her dream come true. She will not be able to do it without your help though.

Coco is a young and very talented young lady. She pretty much stumbles into the fashion industry and has to make sure she stays there. As she begins to make a name for herself, you will be helping her assist her customers, make money, and work her way to the top. Each exciting location Coco goes, you will be along for the ride to experience the thrills of a fashion life.

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During the game play customers will come into the boutiques asking for a dressing room. You will gain bonus points if you match the customer’s shirts with the same color dressing room and by positioning customers near others to flirt or gossip together. Coco will then hand each customer a booklet. This booklet will give an outline of the variety of clothing designs that are offered and they will be able to ask for their specific desires from there.

Coco will then be able to click on the customers to take her client’s measurements and then takes the measurement information to the appropriate seamstress, which is located all the way in the back of the boutique. Once the clothing is completed, you will just click the items that are finished and bring them to the correct client.

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The client may then purchase the garment and leave, which frees up space for new customers, or they may shop a little more asking for more items such as accessories. Every chance you get you will need to have Coco pick up the empty hangers from the finished garments and take them to the back of the store. Time management will play a large part of this game, so use your time wisely.

If you can, have Coco link some of the same duties together as the execution of two of the same duties will offer chaining bonuses. For example, you could have Coco give advice to two customers, but it will have to be done one right after the other.

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When a client needs advice, you will see a question mark pop up over their character. Once you make enough money, you can buy upgrades, such as make Coco work faster as well as make a seamstress work quicker, purchase more comfortable chairs, add a radio, among other things.

There are sorts of kinds of clients that you will have to serve while helping Coco create a name for herself and in the process creating her own stylish image to the fashion world. The ingenuity of this game offers hours of cool game play that will not disappoint by the least.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fashion Dash on YouTube.

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