Fashion Boutique

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There is an unique twists option like upsell, flirting and many others.

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What makes this game exceptional is the fact that the creators took a normal game trend concept and put their own spin on it. With Fashion Boutique you are not left with the same old game that has been done a thousand times. You will be pleasantly surprised at the new twist and fresh ideas that are incorporated into the game play of this video game.

In this game you will be a part of Maya’s life as she is the main character. Maya is an employee at a fashion boutique belonging to a chain of stores. Since Maya is an excellent performer in all she does regarding her work ethic and her all around work record, she is put in charge of travelling to numerous stores that have been known as the problem stores. She will travel around the country trying to help them get into shape while also trying to improve the store’s sales.

Fashion Boutique1_

Chicago, Illinois; New York City; Houston, Texas; Miami, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia are some of the fantastic and fun cities you will travel with Maya as she carries out her duties a long her journey.

You will get the chance to help Maya transform these problem stores into a trendy boutique that will need to offer various garments that are stylish and fashionable. You will take each of these stores from their bare bottom, and with your expertise, create each store for be profitable and successful.

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Customers will enter these boutiques with an idea of what they already want. You will see their thoughts in a bubble above their heads. Some customers may be in the market for a blouse, you will then drag them to the suitable display rack so they can look for the proper blouse to fit their style.

You will wait as they browse for their choice blouse, for example, then you will take the request to the customer. Once the customer has the garment, the can try it on or go ahead and purchase it. IF they want to try the outfit on, you will need to direct them to the fitting room and wait for them while they try their clothes on and admire their new fantastic look. If they want the item, you can then send them to checkout. Offer the customers extra perks and you will keep them satisfied.

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Maya is very good at what she does and can hold a number of items unlike other games who only allow you to hold one or 2 different things at a time. Fashion Boutique also offers an upsell feature which is a lot of fun to include in your sales. You w ill be able to allow Maya to  use her sales personality when a customer is ready to check out to try to sell them something else, just like in real life. If the customer approves  you will get extra cash!

Be aware, some of the customers may lose hearts. This happens if they are kept waiting. You will not want anyone to leave angry so make sure to use Maya’s charisma to flirt and compliment throughout the game play.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fashion Boutique on YouTube.

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