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In this extraordinary hidden object game, Julia is in charge of uncovering a thief and recovering the master book for an upcoming fashion collection before her boss finds out. Since her boss does not know she will have to make sure she acts appropriately at work keeping up a good appearance by catering to her employer’s every desire. She will need to find objects in numerous disorderly scenes throughout the game.

During game play, you will enjoy the fact that you will not be timed when finding your hidden objects. This is handy because you will have a lot to find. In each location that has hidden items you will be given a list and you can mark them off as you find them. There is an unlimited number of recharging hints that allow you to continue in your game play.

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Pay attention to the silhouette hints as often as you can so you will understand what you are looking for. For example, a mirror may be on your list of things to find, but you need to know if you are looking for a hand mirror or a wall mirror. The silhouette will help you determine what type of mirror to look for.

This game offers challenging items to find throughout the game, which adds to the excitement of the game. Some of the items that are hidden will be small and hard to find, but that just makes the game all the more fun.

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If you like puzzles then this is the game for you. In each of the scenes where you are responsible for finding hidden items, you will also have one inventory puzzle to solve. These puzzles are not too hard and you should remember you will always be able to combine the inventory item with a highlighted object on the screen.

In each location, you will also be able to seek a lost design. Each one you find will trigger a mini game. You have the option to play the mini game or skip it, if you have enough tokens of course. You earn tokens by playing the mini games as well as by playing through the scenes of hidden items. There are three types of mini games. The first type will have you arranging items in a regulated space so nothing touches.

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Another type of mini game will have you organizing date book appointments to fit a certain criteria. And the last type of mini game will have you playing a matching game for your points. Every time you beat a round, you will have the opportunity o replay at your convenience. You can find the option to replay from the main menu area in the fashion book.

The artwork through this game is wonderful and very colorful. It has a nice look and feel to the game as a whole. There are great hand drawn objects and environments that give this game a very unique appearance. This game offers a lot of fun to its players.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fashion Assistant on YouTube.

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