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You will play the role of Lilly, who is an advertising agent. Lilly is given jobs involving rock concerts, fashions shows and other fun industry professions. You will get the chance to go shopping around the shopping mall to buy what you wish. These stores will have a variety of shoes, dresses, slacks, and other outfits that you will need for the jobs you will be managing Lilly to perform.

This game offers trial and error fun with hidden objects and other fun aspects. The hidden objects will be accompanied by one or two word adjectives to help you purchase the proper outfit for your task.  This will help you pick the right colors or the right theme for the fashion show or rock concert you will be in charge of.

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Once you have successfully collected all of the hidden objects during your shopping adventures, you will then get to design your fashionable wardrobes. You will get to visit a nearby jewelry store to help with the accessories, but that is not all. You will be able to use the makeup artist and salon for the pampering and makeover experience you will love. Then you will be allowed to enter the fitting room where you will be able to put your outfits together, creating that trendy stylish look you were going for.

While in the jewelry store you will get to play a memory match game that is loads of fun. You will be able to take the cards with pictures of jewelry on them and match them to the appropriate card that looks identical. It is similar to ordinary match games, it is just played with glamorous jewels instead.

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Your trip to the makeup artist store will offer you a challenging time as you will be required to put together a jigsaw puzzle before you leave.  There is more than one puzzle you can solve and this part of the game is a lot of fun.

In the salon your time will be spent choosing from a variety of hairstyles and dyes. You get to make over your model by choosing whatever hairstyle you wish, the color of the hair, and you will also choose if you want her hair long or short. If you want to cut the model’s hair, all you have to do it click on her hair. Make sure to style the models hair before you leave.

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There are different themes or styles you will need to carry out throughout the game. You may be working on a rock style at one time and then something more casual the next. This game allows you to change it up so that you get to experience what a real fashion designer would get to.

Make sure to make the right choices that go with your styled theme as this game is trial and error. If you choose the wrong options, you will have to start all over. This brings a challenge to the game and makes it all the more fun to play!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fashion Advisor on YouTube.

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