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If you would like to hang out with your friend using virtual reality, then Facebook Spaces is the way to go. Virtual reality is one of the biggest technologies that has shown up over the last couple of years, and the innovations have really been centered on gaming. You may be thinking that Facebook Spaces is just a fancy version of Clash of Clans or FarmVille, but it really isn’t. At this moment, the platform has no end goals, demons to overthrow or treasures to collect.

Facebook Spaces is a step into virtual reality for social media which has given people a chance to interact with friends, share videos or photos and even just chat. It is very similar to Facebook, but it does not have all the political arguments and way too cute cat videos, unless you decide to bring them with you.

Facebook Spaces allows you to create a 360 video or take the ones that you find the internet and step into those worlds with your friends. If someone records a video of the Great Barrier Reef and you can use Facebook Spaces to explore the same area in Virtual Reality. If you are planning a trip or event and want to check out a resort or hotel, then you can use your VR headset to explore as long as there is a 360 video of the location. You can also use Facebook to provide plenty of 360 videos from all over the world to start your Spaces experience, and if the virtual reality initiative catches on then you can see this from other sources.

Facebook Spaces is more than just video calling. It is a fully integrated social medial platform which means all your content and friends are available. The difference between just looking at your video call or feed, you are in a 3D world where you can look around, create items by drawing in the air and even talk with friends who are in the space with you. You will be able to create an avatar based on the pictures of yourself that you have posted to Facebook and the software will talk you through it when you first set up Spaces. The photos aren’t realistic but animated versions similar to what you would find on the Wii. Whenever this is done, you can call your friends who use Facebook Spaces and hang out in a group chat together, but in a unique 3D environment. You can even take selfies when you are in a space together and they can be posted to your Facebook feed. Yes, you can talk to non VR friends, they will be able to see what you are doing and talk to you, they won’t have the ability to interact with your environment.

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Facebook Spaces is a place of the future and it may be quite interesting to watch it take off. You can now share your life with your friends all over the world and even have meet ups with family.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Facebook Spaces on YouTube.

Facebook Spaces is free to play.

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