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This fun and exciting time management game from RealArcade and Fuzzy Games will blow your mind. If you have a flare for fashion or maybe you just have a love for it, this game is the game for you. Other games have tried to explore the marketing side of the fashion world and came up short, but when it comes to Fab Fashion, you will have the flash and flare you desire!

The game is focused around Kate. Kate is a very talented young designer. Her fashion is trendy and stylish. You will be able to help Kate become a fashion star, taking her designs all the way to the cat walk. You will begin in the designing studio and help Kate create some spectacular ensembles. You will experience the thrill when Kate gets her big break through the famous fashion critic, Hans Linsenbigler!

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Hans Linsenbigler takes Kate under his wing offering her the opportunity of a life time. She will get to participate in her very first fashion show. With you there every step of the way, there is no way Kate can lose. You will be challenged with time management so put your skills to the test because you and Kate only have a small amount of time to prepare for the fashion show. Every minute will count, so make sure to use your time wisely.

Fab Fashion offers a full on experience and you will feel the adrenaline rush when you begin seeing all the models in bath robes arrive for work at Kate’s studio. Help Kate take measurements, cut fabric, choose colors, sew the garments to create fashionable masterpieces with a sewing machine, and then try the outfit on the model to make sure everything fits properly.

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Do not forget to accessorize your models as their wardrobe may need a little extra flare. Add a handbag or a hat to their outfit. You may even want to redo the model’s hair to give your fashion show the proper image you are going for. Kate will need all the help you can give.

Be aware that your models will need special attention. Some are more impatient than others and as you play this game you will see where your time management skills will come in handy. You can earn bonuses by adding commands together as well as attending to the models speedily. You will be able to tell by the color of the model’s robe which model needs assistance due to their impatience.

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If you play the game right, you will achieve enough stars to pass the level. This will get you to the catwalk and Kate’s models to display the designs while they swagger their way down the cat walk. People will make offers on the designs and you will have to act quickly by clicking on the highest bidder to boost Kate’s profits.

You will be able to upgrade machines, buy things such as water to appease the models or a turntable, invest in cool patterns and so much more. This game is a fast paced game that offers hours of enjoyment for the fashionista you really are.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Fab Fashion on YouTube.

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