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When it comes to unleashing your fashion sense, Dress Up! Fashion is the free app that you can enjoy on your mobile device. If you have an iPad, iPhone, and or iPod Touch, you can start dressing your customizable models in one of a kind looks that you put together. When you play this game you get to participate in the excitement of getting your virtual girls ready for any number of occasions.

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You can choose from an array of hairstyles and hues, choices of wardrobe, mounds of makeup, and a host of backgrounds, in order to set the scene for your model’s event. You can make selections from such trendy settings as a Western, a lavish wedding, or the preppy look of today. This fashion game makes it possible for you to express your style in a number of genres. Are you at times rather Emo and like it to be reflected in the way you dress?  You can attire your girl this way any time that you wish with the updated version of this app.

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You can channel your inner rock star, reveal your interpretation of a ice royalty, or show off your Latina flair when you play Dress Up! Fashion. Let your style sense shine when you design a movie star look for your virtual model, and look forward to switching things around in a way that is uniquely you. Save screen shots of your whims with the virtual wardrobe in this fantasy world, in order to see how your tastes grow as you delve into the ever evolving land of garb. You may even find yourself trying out some of your in app looks in real life, actually setting trends among your friends.

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As you progress in this game, you can unlock new items which will allow you to make alterations to your previous outfits. Have fun seeing your imagination come to life as you adorn your model. You do not have to be able to draw in order to see what some of your fashions ideas would look like. You can select from this closet that you can take with you anywhere. Take the boredom out of waiting by letting loose your style savvy side in new ways.  Blossom and bloom as you get to know how “those boots” look with “that skirt”. You do not have to let fear of criticism hold you back when you use this free, fun app to dress up your virtual girl.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Dress Up! Fashionon YouTube.

Dress Up! Fashion is free to play.

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