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Lack of character customization.

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Become an idol unlike any other in Dream City Idols. If you are the type to adore idols, and the type to want to become one yourself, this has the lifestyle that you want. Become one of the rich and famous, get attention for your wealth and style, build your worth, and prove that you are one of the best around to your friends and rivals alike. You have nearly limitless possibilities to prove how good you are. With the quests and competitions, you can do this as often as you would like. There is always time to show yourself off and to become the best.

People love idols. In countries like South Korea, where idols are so massively popular that they are everywhere you look and shows exist to find the next big one, everyone wants to be an idol. Everyone wants to meet an idol. This is true in every country, with every person. Everyone wants to be an idol of the ages, showing off their style and wealth to everyone. Here, you can do just that. You will have the opportunity to show yourself off by building your net wealth, competing in competitions, completing quests, and doing other activities to prove just how good you are.

To start your journey, you’ll first need an avatar, be it a boy or a girl. You’ll also get to customize your avatar to some extent and once you’re done, you’ll be guided through the game’s many features through the game’s interactive tutorial.

Your style is important in Dream City Idols. Your main character should look good, yes, but it should be more than that. The style should bring up your points with judges and other people. You should want to become as stylish as possible. Both in your clothes and your home, you want those style points. To do this, you will want to buy new furniture and use them in your home. Look at the points of each one, finding a combination that works with what you want. Modern or cute or natural, or anything else, you want your entire home to match to get as many style points as possible.

Getting more items adds to your overall value. This value is what judges will look at in the competition. In order to build yourself up, you want the biggest net worth possible. Buy new items and continue to make your character richer to do that. You can also get characters to help you out if you complete quests for them. They will add to your points and make it easier for you to succeed, even early on with a low net worth.

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These characters are available to you through quests. Quests are available at any time and are essential in earning money and making progress. Complete everything for a character to unlock them and make them available as your supporter.

You also have pets and other features available in Dream City Idols. It is full of features and options, all focused on you building your image. To become an idol, to become one of the rich and famous, you will have to do all that you can to have an impressive net worth and image. You will learn just how to do that here.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Dream City Idols on YouTube.

Dream City Idols is free to play.

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