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They have about 16 different music-filled environments.

Additional dCredits can only be purchased with real money.


Free to Play


NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds.

dPals is a free social networking game for kids of all ages. Enjoy a world of great urban style and fabulous graphics. Explore, play games, interact with others, dress up and chat safely. Create your own avatar and use it to build a profile and post on your wall.

The Game

Create your avatar, set up your own dPartment with furnishings and make it just as funky and fun as you want. Explore many different places, win badges and rewards by playing mini games and have a great time with the virtual scrap booking opportunities.


Use fun animations and emoticons to show how you feel, chat with other dPal players via the moderate chat feature. Explore 16 different areas filled with excitement and music. On top of that, use your virtual cell phone to control everything with many great options and functions. You will also find an area that is exclusively for taking care of your own pet.

Peace & Love Street

This is where you will find the bank. You can take out up to 5 dCredits daily. Also, if you find a celebrity hiding anywhere in dPals, take a picture of them and receive free dCredits as well.

dPals Features


You will have fully customizable home and avatar abilities along with many great quests and activities to engage in. Enjoy dPals gorgeous multi-user chat environment along with fully integrated moderation tools and live chat filters.

An extremely flexible content management system that allows you to automatically add fresh new content. Post new messages, make friends and enjoy the ability to send dMails or comments to others.

Have hours of fun exploring the virtual world, dress your dPal in the greatest fashions, trade fashion secrets and hit the catwalk!


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Buy your very own pet for you to take care of. By caring and watching your pet, you will eventually unlock special moves that can be shared with other players.

Summing It Up

Enjoy chatting with others, exploring a variety of areas and have a great deal of fun playing many different games including Celebrity Hide and Seek. If you enjoy socializing games and want to express your very own creativity, this is the perfect game for you!  Come join in on the fun, you will have a real ball!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: dPals on YouTube.

dPals  is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds.

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