Doll and The City

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If you enjoy dolls and dress up, you’ll love Doll and The City, a new game where you can live vicariously through your doll, dressing her up, getting a job or earning CityDollars – the game’s currency.

Your Doll and The City doll can pick from several jobs, including babysitter, hairstylist, makeup artist, secretary, or dressmaker.


As you complete various tasks and achieve goals and milestones, you’ll move up through the game’s levels. You’ll unlock new fun features and opportunities with each new level.

With the Doll and The City game, you’ll get additional opportunities as you earn City Dollars and Fame Points; you can ultimately level up and achieve VIP status to get even more benefits.


There are several ways to earn City Dollars, including:

・  Sending your doll to work;

・  Winning City Dollars by playing on-site games, scratch cards and entering contests;

・  Adding a Doll and The City banner to your website or blog;

・  Taking part in contests;

・  Or through a payment via SMS, TrialPay, Superrewards, Offerpal, SponsorPay or SupersonicAds.

You can purchase a VIP membership via SMS, Paypal or by credit card. This provides you with access to discount doll clothes, furniture, rooms and much more.


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You can also earn Fame Points, which are awarded for each day you play. You’ll get 10 Fame Points per day of game play. You’ll also earn Fame Points when you perform certain actions, like dressing your doll in a new outfit, giving your doll a new hairstyle, taking part in contests and getting a job for your doll.

If you’re looking for a fun, Sim-like game, check out the Doll and The City game!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Doll and The City on YouTube.

Doll and The City is free to play.

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