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Disney has created numerous memorable characters that we have loved for years. From Lion King to Lilo and Stitch along with so many others, new and old, they continue to grab our hearts and keep us entertained. Just watching them is not good enough, however. If you want to really experience them, you have to play Disney Universe.

Fans of the many characters of Disney will go crazy for this game and the many things to do. There are plenty of activities and you will be able to explore different worlds that are centered on different Disney characters. This gives you the chance to laugh and have fun, especially when playing with your kids.

Disney Universe 8

Fans of Disney as a whole or games like Kingdom Hearts might see a major appeal in playing Disney Universe. It is much simpler and smaller than Kingdom Hearts, but it gives you the chance to explore the various Disney worlds out there and defeat your enemies. You are going to be travelling, which can be with friends, to collect coins, fight evil, and beat the game. This is not a difficult game to understand at all, making it perfect for younger players. You are fighting and collecting, going through the worlds until you have won.

There are six worlds total in Disney Universe, and you can even download a current patch for Nightmare Before Christmas. They are each different and they each have to do with Disney characters. As you travel, you are going to be able to complete the tasks handed to you, defeat the monsters, and collect coins.

Disney Universe12

There is a lot to destroy and explore, so having fun is going to be an easy task. With this being a simple game to play, kids will be able to find a lot of joy in it. There is not a large amount of difficult and anyone, regardless of age, can be successful.

Young and old alike, players are going to enjoy the fact that there are costumes. These costumes are the characters, like Stitch. You are going to be wearing the characters’ skins and completing worlds as them. This gives younger players the chance to experience some characters in ways that they never had, and older players a bit of nostalgia as you remember some of your favorite Disney movies from years ago.

Disney Universe 10

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As you continue through the game, you can unlock more and have more choices. With more choices, you will be able to find and play as some of your favorite characters in the Disney Universe.

Any Disney fan, which is a lot of people, can have fun with Disney Universe. One of the biggest attractions of this game would be the many Disney characters and worlds around you. If you are a fan of these characters and want to see them all in one place, this is where you should turn. It gives you the chance to enjoy the game with the characters you love, and to do so in a way that is exciting and fun for all.

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