Disney City Girl

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Great graphics and animation.

Hard to advance if you’re playing solo.


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations.

Ever heard of someone who has left the town to explore the city and make a mark? Sure you have. Disney City Girl works along those lines. This Facebook social game is about a girl who leaves the comforts of her humble home and comes to New York City to face the real world.

The switch is huge for the young woman but thankfully, she knows a few people in her college who did the same as she did a few years ago and settled in New York. Her friends are eager to help her settle.


In this game, you should decorate your house and then find work. You can either be a chef or a fashion designer for now. But more options will be unveiled soon. Alongside, you should take time out for socialization, fun, shopping, and food. You have a needs meter that you should check every time. It shouldn’t go into the red zone because red means danger!

The game is easy to play and keeping yourself busy is actually easy. You can rest when you are tired and work when you can. You can talk to others if you are feeling lonely and take a bath if you smell. You have a number of wardrobe options to discover too!


You will find this game very cute especially if you are into socialization and fashion. The graphics are superb and the characters are really engaging because they are so chatty. The overstuffed wardrobe is the icing on the cake. This game is especially for the little ones and older ones might get bored soon because the game is not on the complex side.


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The game is completely social. It is so social that to advance in your career, you will need your friends to recommend you. If you want to construct furniture, you will first need to make friends and then borrow the tools such as screws from them.

So if you are fashion-crazy and love to socialize but are a little younger for the Sims game, this one is for you. You will simply love it!

Disney City Girl is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations.

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