Def Jam Rapstar

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Tons of hip hop tracks to choose from.

Bouncing ball is not helpful.

Wii, Xbox 360, PS3



NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Singing Games.

Rapping will never be the same again as you rap to your favorite songs or go freestyle showing off your skills to your friends and competition.  Let this game take your talents to new levels while you jam to the “def”-est music available.

This game is where it is at if you love to rap.  Supported for the Xbox 360 Kinect as well as the PlayStation an eye camera, this game allows you to star in your own performances.  You will be able to record videos of your own performances as much as up to 30 seconds.

Def Jam Rapstar12_

You will have the ability to save and store your videos performances locally and upload them to your social community as well as the game’s official website!   As you progress in the game you will be able to unlock new features such as new video and audio effects, stickers, filters, and so much more.

This rhythmic musical game allows you to rap along with a huge variety of hip hop tracks going back as far as three decades of hot music.  Def Jam Rapstar includes some of the rap genre’s most famous and popular artists.  You will be able to take your microphone and controller that you can buy with the bundle package deal and navigate your way to stardom.  There will be a music video in the center of your screen for most of the songs that are available.

Def Jam Rapstar5_

With only a few songs you will have a simple volume meter visualizer.  The lyrics will be displayed at the bottom of your video box.  The words of the lyrics will have a bouncy ball that will bounce over the word you are supposed to say or sing out loud.  It is exactly the same concept as how you would sing with a karaoke machine or in a sing a long video.

During game play you will notice that there are areas where when you need to sing, you will see a display that shows pitch lines.  You will be able to guide yourself on how to create the right pitch by using this display to help you along the way.  Since you will be graded on your tone and rhythm, you will want to pay close attention to this display box.

Def Jam Rapstar1_

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You can play this game in career mode, which brings so much more entertainment to the game.  There are five stages when in career mode that you can play through.  Each stage will get harder as you progress.  You will have a unique score through each stage.  Your unique score which will come from your performance, timing and other challenging aspects will allow you the chance to unlock other songs.

Party mode is another great feature of this game.  You can party down with unlocked songs in this mode as it allows for quick play.  You can create your own playlist and perform your favorite songs.  This game also can be played with two microphones, so you can party right with your friends.

Def Jam Rapstar is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Singing Games.

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