Dance Paradise

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There are some complex routines.

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So you love to dance, huh?  Well, that is perfect because Dance Paradise will get you moving and grooving in no time. This awesome dance game is filled with all the jammin’ thrills and awesome beats you will soon fall in love with. Dance Paradise will not let you down in the dance game genre and you will be boppin’ along to the music with lots of fun and laughter.

In this motion controlled virtual dance game you will be able to put your very own twist right into the game play action. The music track list is huge and will not leave you wanting more because it has everything you need plus some. You will have a variety of different genres right at your fingertips as you dance to pop, rock, country and so much more.

Dance Paradise8

If you are not familiar with dance games, Dance Paradise offers a short tutorial to help you understand your job throughout the game. You can of course skip the tutorial if you already know what you are doing to jump right on in to the dance fun with the animated dancers you will see on the screen.

It will be your job to mimic these dancers. Each time one of the dancers makes their way down to the dance spotlight you will need to mimic their dance moves. This game makes it easy to mirror the dancer’s moves as it gives you some time to see upcoming dance moves so that way you can create for yourself and awesome dance score. The vitality bar at the bottom of your screen will keep track of your performance.

Dance Paradise11

So if you miss some moves you will lose some of your bar but if you are hitting the moves perfectly your vitality bar will fill up. Once you fill the vitality bar up completely you will have the chance to jump to activate your dance power. This dance power gives you a bonus that adds to your score. Just make sure not to allow your vitality bar to deplete completely as your turn will be over if you do.

Take some time to learn some of the harder moves to create an even better scoring game in the future. This will help you make your friends speechless when you show off your skills to them when you invite them to play with you.

Dance Paradise12

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Yes, this game does have a multi-player mode and you can battle your friends had to head. This feature is exceptionally cool. You will have to rack up the most points to beat your friend by the end of the song to win.

Keep in mind the more points you get by the end of each round will allow you the possibility to unlock the VIP level. So make sure to do your best in each performance. You will not want to miss out on this level. Bust your moves and rock out to Dance Paradise and conquer this level with your awesome dance skills!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Dance Paradise on YouTube.

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